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Portal: Companion Cube

By RishiRamraj
My best friend the companion cube came over the other day. He threw me a LAN party and we had some cake. He is really good at Halo 3. He didn't stab me in the back, but he did assassinate me a few times.

But yah, I made this guy for a silent auction supporting Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity. A friend of my sister's was running the charity at University of Toronto's Scarborough campus. I left early; the last bid on the cube when I left was $30.00.

The cube combines three of my favourite materials; LEDs, Plexiglas, and Model Magic. The cube glows pink using the LEDs embedded inside the Plexiglas. I have some construction pics and I'll post them if there is interest.

Edit: Construction pics can be found here:
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POKEMAN6's avatar
Its a "game-cube" XD
CompanionCubeBoy's avatar
Ah, best memory ever, playing Halo 3.
RazeHalo95's avatar
Cubes playing Xbox. Cool, I would like a cube as my Xbox Live friend.:D (Big Grin) 
Reikakuzan's avatar
anonymousinvader24's avatar
I just got beaten by a cube......
SquishyPurpleGoop's avatar
cube playing portal

cube: hey it's me!!

*someone else starts playing*

player(in game): hey look, a cube

*picks up cube and blocks turret*

cube(in real life): THAT WAS MY BROTHER!!!!
bigbulbasaur's avatar
what did u use to make the companion cube?
cocomondo's avatar
Companion Cube is the best friend you'll ever meet.
SLOKO98's avatar
Companion Cube, what can't it do?
RishiRamraj's avatar
It can accompany you through test chambers and press 1500 MW Aperture Science heavy duty super colliding super button.
AnimeFanX78's avatar
Companion cube is on my friends list, his motto says (burn all noobs) Ironic isn't it?
esmethemaskedowl's avatar
how did you make this? i would very much like to make one as well
Spaz777's avatar
Well done here. Hope you don't mind if i make my own. :P
RishiRamraj's avatar
You wouldn't be the first :)
Robby64's avatar
that is sooo kick @#%
GoldenfrankO's avatar
I'd pay $50 for that hands down.
veiwer13's avatar
I MET THAT GUY ONLINE! he's great at halflife death match source
raptorgod9's avatar
i want it SO BAD! O_O
Kwitchi's avatar
Ahahahahah this is so awesome XDDD
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