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Star Trek Dress Up 0.5.2

So I nearly didn't upload this, for two reasons. First, I learned after I started this that two other people are working on something similar but far superior, and second, mine is pretty noobish. But I figure the two kind of cancel each other out. The upcoming similar game will blow this out of the water anyway, so I don't feel like mine will be any competition or whatever, and this is just a little something for you guys to whet your teeth.

In true LCARS tradition, none of the rectangular buttons have labels, so have fun finding out what everything does. ;)

I planned to have this done for Christmas, and that didn't really happen, but I'm uploading anyway because I feel people can have fun with this until the full version is out.

I've tested this a bit, but if you find any bugs, please leave a comment so I can fix them. Also comment if there's anything you want me to add. :D

Feel free to upload characters you made using this! And please give me a link!
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This is so great! I'm using it to make my character for the Star Trek RPG. Thanks!

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You should rework the stubble part to have other types of facial hair, my Klingon looks stupid clean-shaven. :)

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You can download the finished product by clicking the download button underneath 'Add to favorites'
I love it, just wish I could download the finished product
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I've just been trying this out.

One: I can't find a Female Option.
Two: I can't figure out how to save the character.

As for something to add? Rank pips.
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Are you meant to be able to download it? Because I don't see how.
Also, the black background makes it impossible to see the black hair.

But except for that this is very well done! Looks beautiful. (:
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I would be very interested in seeing facial hair
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What a pity you don't want to finish it - for it's phantastic! Especially it's a male dollmaker, and there are not very much in the net. The drawings are great, and those many options are phantastic. Great work! Enterprise sprite Star Trek Favorite Emoticons 
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This is fantastic! Any chance you could add an Efrosian? :-D
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Awesome game ! 
I was looking everywhere for a star trek dress up game
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This is amazing! :squee: Out of curiosity, what are the other games mentioned? I want to create my OCs in all the Star Trek dollmakers I can find :D
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Unfortunately, as far as I know, it was never finished. I started a female version if that helps you any, but I don't actually know of any other published Star Trek dollmakers.
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Thanks again. :) I came back to the dollmaker to make some of my OCs <3, and in the amount of time since my last comment I have gone from not liking the Cardassians to liking them a lot :heart:... (I remember doing the same thing with the Klingons, who I still love to this day) :) So while I'm here I'll probably make my favorites Ziyal and Iliana on the female dollmaker :squee: I wrote a cute Ziyal fanfiction recently and I'm starting a super awesome AU project with them and other Cardassians soon, which I may or may not attempt to turn into a simple forum-based roleplaying game! :D
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Thanks!! :D I tried it, it was awesome!
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I very much enjoyed this. I'm glad you did decide to post it.
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I have spent most of the last hour playing with this. This is way too fun. :) 
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It's nice,  but I'd love to see a female one.
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Well (spoilers) I am working on one, but the sheer number of outfits it's going to take is daunting.
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we appreciate all your hard work. My mother and I are both hardcore trekkies and we love dress up games, so hearing about this was like Christmas come early.
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Glad you guys like it! If you haven't seen already, I have the preview of the female dress-up online now-- very early stages but you can get an idea of what it'll look like.
How do you download the character after you dress them???
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Oh man, I didn't even realize you commented. I am sorry! I know I answered in the notes, but for anyone else who has the same question:

The short answer is that you need to use your computer's screen-capture function. There's nothing within the game itself that will allow you to do it. Sweating a little...

The slightly longer answer is that I have an older version of Flash that doesn't actually let me program in a save button. I got around that with another project by sending the entire file and coding to a friend who had a newer version, and making him publish the game. It took about twenty versions and two weeks because I had to debug remotely, and the dressup game is so much more complex that it just wasn't feasible to do the same thing.
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