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Pinkie Pie's 1984

Originally meant to be some fanart/a propaganda poster for Fallout: Equestria (written by Kkatman [link]) but ended up fitting into the title as well. Not sure who to credit the original render to, as it was unmarked in the collection and unlisted in the Vector Club group. Credit goes to comfy blanket for the vector. They don't have an artist page, but this is the least I could do. This is my first and probably last upload for a while, since I'm all lurk-tastic up in this internet.

I'm not quite happy with the distressing, but after working on and off for quite a few hours on it I got lazy. Note that this has been on EqD and ponibooru for a while already.
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Big horse is watching you
DarthLangdon's avatar
*Heavy breathing*
1984, eh? Fits appropiately.
EvilDogBum's avatar
creepy.... but hot!
Biker-Dash's avatar
I would love to have this as an enlarged print.
rwa96's avatar
"I may be old, but I can still have fun-- OW! my hip!"
BenRG's avatar
I think that it's indicative as to just how horrifying and soul-destroying that the War truly was that it did this to Pinkie Pie of all mares.
Stormbadger's avatar
Hey, is it ok if I can use this in one of my finished drawings? I shall credit you/comfy blanket for it, of course, and will link back to this page.
RisenlordM's avatar
Yeah, go right ahead! Always a pleasure when people want to use my silly poster.
Stormbadger's avatar
[link] Thought you'd like a gander at what I used it for.
ApertureBrony's avatar
Hopefully they're are no cupcakes involved.
SekaiIshtal's avatar
AHHHHHH! Pinkie Pie's watching me? (Why do I feel oddly creeped out/safe for no reason?)
Cainiscool1's avatar
Nightmares from now on!
Duelist925's avatar
With some Party Time Mint Als....yeah. She is.
xGateKeeperx's avatar
Spike was right. This idea was defiantly better on scroll. Cool pic though.
YN9R0's avatar
Im totally fine with this
DrNazus's avatar
How do I make this a spray on Team Fortress 2?
RisenlordM's avatar
I'll save you the trouble! Download this .vtf [link]

Then place it in "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\<your Steam username>\team fortress 2\tf\materials\vgui\logos". Open up Options in TF2, go to the Multiplayer tab, and it should be in the list. If not, click "Import" and go to that same file location.
DrNazus's avatar
I don't seem to have the "logos" part. Do you have any idea how to fix that? Google doesn't seem to be helping.
RisenlordM's avatar
You can just create the folder yourself if it doesn't exist, then put the file inside.
DrNazus's avatar
Oh good. Thank you!
Cheezy805's avatar
I just love that one scene where LittlePip wakes up in a bathroom.
"Watching you piss forever?"
mehoep's avatar
hhm... i might use this as a cover for my copy of fallout equestria. would be quite fitting since it will take me forever to finish reading it *g
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