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If Spyro Met Saphira

This weird idea came to me, and wouldn't go away until I drew it, so here it is. I wanted to draw some dragons, and so I drew two rather well-known ones. Yes, I was a bit lazy (especially with Spyro), but putting Saphira in an "animated"-type style amuses me. x3 Also, yes, Spyro is really a small dragon. But I can't draw children or small anythings for some odd reason, so he's a little more grown-up here.

So what if a video game dragon met a more realistic fantasy dragon? Well for one thing there'd be quite a discussion of differences.

The characters are Spyro from the Spyro the Dragon video games, and Saphira is from the Inheritance book series by Christopher Paolini. Neither belongs to me. It's fanart. =p
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it is cool, but i would like to point something out. spyro is either 12 or 15. saphira is maybe 2
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"Logic DIES in games!"

Basically sums up everything. XD
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Hahaha "logic dies in games"
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So true, Spyro ^_^ Logic does die in games X'D
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They look good to me
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"realistic" ...just because it hasnt been seen in ur realm /lifetime doesnt mean it can never happen ;) lol.
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uściślającexcept that Saphira communicates only with thoughts, and only with your own rider, unless something I do not know.
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I haven't read any of the Eragon books in ages, so I wouldn't know about communicating only with her rider. x3 But she -can- also communicate with other dragons, that I -do- remember. :B
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well it is awsome and funny
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hey way dont you mak a little comic about when spyro and cynder meet saphira and eragon
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hahaha, gotta love it! :laughing:
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aveses pesaba en es to es muy grasioso
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Considering the fact that Salamence can use Hydro Pump and Most Dragon-Types can't learn Psychic, Sppyro's and Saphira's statement make logical sense.
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Fire: wats going on here? Spyro, youre rite, logic dies in games. Saphira, havent you told Spyro tht you and Eragon can here each others thoughts? (btw, Fire is my Dragon/Wolf character-thingie. shes a shape shifter!!!) besides, i have a wolf form w/ feathers. FEATHERS!!! wheres the logic w/ THAT?!?
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It would be a paradox if that happended! XD
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Hence why it's just created in humor. :B
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*walks in room* Now, now both awesome in your own way! Saphira- But what Logic is there to this dragon!? Me- There doesn't have to be much logic, wanna know why? Spyro & Saphira- Why? Me- Cause if we were using logic here...whats the logic behind dragons? Saphire- Spyro- She does have a point.. Me- *nods* I say your both awesome, but lets not have a logic fight over an unlogialy subject in the first place, agreed? Spyro & Saphira- Agreed!

lol, nice work, I can draw dragon to save my life...(I'm trying to fix that) :]]
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I twould be weird if Spyro was Saphra's son.
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Fire Diamond: Cool your Saphira i'm Silver Diamond but call me Fire Diamond.

Saphira: Your truely white all over child, wait there are some differences you have yellow horns and stomuch, golden rings, black-tip on your tail, and what is this you have ears??

Fire Diamond: um...yes those are my real-deal hedgehog ears.

Saphira: 0_0 whoa i think your creator is more better then me....
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