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Coworker Commission: Sunset Swim
Yay, another picture to submit!

So, going off my last commission by a coworker, one of the servers from another restaurant asked me, after having seen that picture, if I could draw her a whale, with colored pencils.  There were two kinds of whales that she couldn't decide between, and when she had my payment taken to me, she still hadn't told me.  So, I did both, and then decided to show her this one, as I was rather proud of how the sketch came out (I used a reference photo for this picture of a humpback whale this time).  She loved it and told me to color it goes, I did. :3

Another satisfied customer! ^^  I must admit I thought I was going to mess up a little with the shading, but I decided not to give up on it.  Just teaches me to be more careful with my colors next time.

Welp, my life has turned upside-down in a matter of two weeks.

My brother and I were given that long to find a new place to live, all of a sudden; we managed to find a fairly decent apartment, but with him having only just found a new job, after the move and getting settled on what bills I pay now, money's pretty tight...and I'm slightly worried that I may not be able to get rent together, let alone doesn't help that my parents are also budgeting like hell and I had to give them some money to settle a big overdraft.

So, I'm doing some commissioning to once again fill the nest-egg, and make sure that we also have some savings for any unexpected surprises; gotta be prepared, after all.

A quick re-rundown on my current commission prices:

$20 for lineart or colored wallpaper
$25 for a pencil or colored pencil-shaded character picture
$30 for digital cel-shaded
$35 for lineless digital painting
$5 extra for any more than two characters in the picture

Prices and picture nature are subject to discussion. =) Please note that I'll work as fast as I can on each picture; I'll do them either in the order I receive them or in order from most to least difficult, and I'll take five at a time for each location I post art.  Please pay up front.

Or, if there's no interest in commissions, please consider spreading the word, or dropping a little something in my donation jar on my Tumblr:

Or even just taking a look at what prints of mine are for sale. =) Anything helps, and I'll greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for reading!
Greeting the Guardian
The lineless, colored version of this:…

I wanted to get back into my lineless coloring groove and picked something from my sketchbook.  No better subject than a dragon! :3

Let's hope nobody's planning to steal anything from that pile of treasure behind him. x3


Select pieces of art are now available as prints!  Check 'em out! :3
I'm finally doing something I've been thinking of doing for ages and putting up some of my best artwork as little prints for sale! ^.^ Let me know if you guys would like to see anything else of mine become a print, and hopefully now that my art muse is in full swing again, I'll make some more (and larger) pictures for print purposes as well. =)
Pencil -- Greeting The Guardian
"...This is it...his lair."
"How will he act if he finds us?"
"Oh...he knows that we are here already; of that I am certain.  But he is not rash.  He will listen to us."
"...How sure are you of that?"


Don't worry, he's fearsome, but reasonable. :3

Time for another picture, as I'm slowly getting back into the swing of art, and into the swing of trying to balance all my muses and their creative demands. x3

Once again, 'tis my go-to practice-drawing dragon, Gargonax the Red...I feel after my large art slump, I've started to not only hit my stride again, but surpass it as well, gettin' a little better (and as a piece of advice I found on Tumblr goes for art block, going back and doing studies really does the trick!).  I'm very pleased as to how he turned out.  I'll need to make another color picture with him one of these days.  Sadly I still feel like procrastinating a whole lot on digital art (I may be in need of a newer copy of Photoshop; or an equally-recommended art program, as mine tends to be glitchy at times), but I still find it fun to do pencils.

Enjoy! =)
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Hey everyone. =) I figured it was about time--WAY about time--to take down the last journal entry with a bit of an update.

First of all, to everyone on DeviantArt who responded to my summons for help about a year ago, I thank you from the depths of my heart.  Even the people who passed my message along made a difference, and we're still holding onto stable financial ground.  I still hope to someday repay the favor en masse, as it boggles me how helpful everyone has been.

Which sorta brings me to my next topic: I had a casual glance at my page and noticed that I'll be hitting the 25,000 views mark fairly soon, in less than 2,000 more views or so.  I dunno what numbers of hits people tend to celebrate here, but for someone like me who just has a small following for all the original things I do, it's quite a milestone.  I wanna do something for it.

So...any ideas?  I'd throw a contest if enough people were willing to participate...perhaps some free requests or art a meme?  Just...something.

Don't be afraid to throw things my way. =) Otherwise, I'm sure I'll be able to come up with something.  I always do. x3

I don't have an essay to write or anything to rant about today; just a nice short update.  Hope everyone else is doing well!  Thanks again for reading, watching, and overall being supportive, awesome people. =)


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Favourite cartoon character: I like cartoons...but my faves? Anything anime, mostly. :D
Personal Quote: Never start fights...finish them.


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