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Xenomorph Size Chart

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Published: August 9, 2017
© 2017 - 2019 Risen-From-The-Ruins

i wanted a good xenomorph size chart and there was nothing good on the internet. So i doodled one by myself.
I wanted the single alien pictures to be of nearly the same quality, so i used some pictures of the NECA-figures: necaonline.com/ and some cgi-stuff.

Additionally i doodled a "Expanded Universe" chart: risen-from-the-ruins.deviantar…

It was not that easy because Prometheus and Covenant fucked up so much of the original spacemonster.
I decided to use xenomorphs from the films Alien, Aliens, Alien3 and Alien: Resurrection.
Additionally i used some xenomorphs from the expanded universe such as comics and computer games.

Because i hate what Ridley Scott did with the "engineers" and the "black goo" and... you know... this squid-thing, i decided to use only xenomorph-like breeds.
This is the reason for not showing Ridleys "engineers". I used the beloved mysterious "Pilot".
Therefore the "Deacon", the "Ultramorph" and the "Neomorph" are no more shown. Thank you Ananya-Talvi. The "protomorph" from Covenant is even more pointless in my opinion.

In addition i used the xenopedia for the measures. Some of the measures are from-to-heights and as you can see the xenomorphs are sometimes walking bowed.
As you see there is no "100% correct", but you can discuss with me an tell me suggestions.

Shown Xenomorph-Variants:

Work Loader
Red Queen Mother
Queen with ovipositor
Pilot-Xenomorph (Destroyer)
Queen Mother (little bluish one) www.deviantart.com/risen-from-…
Cloned Drone
Royal Fachugger
Ellen Ripley
The Pilot

Not shown Xenomorph-Variants:

Carrier - i think carry facehuggers around contradicts the principle of the "ovomorph". Carry the "ovomorph" would be more logical
Ravager - pointless
Commander - not logical, because a queen and the castes above are hive-leaders
Acid Alien - pointless because every standart-xenomorph has its acid
Arachnid - not logic due to the xenomorph lifecycle
Arachnoid - pointless
Chrysalis - pointless
Crusher - i dont know, it feels like another "rogue"
Defender - pointless
Giant Facehuggers - pointless, because egg-defenders are "drones"
K-Series - would be just a differntly colored xenomorph
Razor Claw - pointless
Red Xenomorph -
would be just a differntly colored xenomorph
Scorpion Alien - to abstract in my oppinion, because we know nothing about the host
Smasher -
would be just a differntly colored xenomorph
Stalker -
would be just a differntly colored xenomorph and it is not really larger
White Hybrid - same problem like the "predalien". The xenomorphs
always possess certain distinctive, trademark characteristics and in this creature it is not.
Xenoborg - pointless
Aqua Alien -
to abstract in my oppinion, because we know nothing about the host
Bull Alien - not logical. Should be more like the "runner"
Flying Alien -
to abstract in my oppinion, because we know nothing about the host
Flying Queen -
to abstract in my oppinion, because we know nothing about the host
Gorilla Alien - pointless
Killer Crab - funny, but a facehugger that impregnates a giant crab? forget it.
Mantis -
to abstract in my oppinion, because we know nothing about the host
Swimmer - not logical due to the xenomorph lifecycle

Therefore i did not use creatures from crossover-comics just like the "DarkAlien" from "The Darkness".
Also i did not use the rest of animal-based xenomorphs like the "Snake Alien". They often lack the
certain distinctive, trademark characteristics and are invented just for having more toys to sell.
Alike a lot of computer-game-xenomorphs were invented to have more enemies with different strenghts.


Edit 35: back to edit 32. The different drone-types will fit better into the expanded universe chart.

Edit 34: Added the "sevastopol drone" from the game "Alien: Isolation". My reason for that is that after some "studies of the "sevastopol" vs the "nostromo" drone, I found a lot of differences.
                Differences of the "sevastopol drone" are that it is digitigrade, measures 3 m and does have moving dorsal tubes with no hole on the top.
                Therefore i noticed an inconsistence wich is no where mentioned.
                The original drone has in the area of the neck between the shoulder blades has a rather long, pointed appendage with some bone-like corrugations.
                This extension prevents the alien from completely putting his head back. I have looked at many scenes in "Alien: Isolation" and occasionally the xenomorph is completely missing from this extension.
                One or the other time, the extension seems to exist, but bends towards the spine when the alien tilts its head back.
                There are too many differences to the Nostromo creature to be the same caste despite the same gene base.

                Added a better picture of "big chap" the "nostromo drone".

Edit 33: Changed the pattern of the dome on "queen mother" to make it more round.

Edit 32: Changed the name "red mother queen" to "mistress. The big red one is clearly a different caste than the little bluish "queen mother".
                In the comic "Aliens:Genocide" the term "mistress" is used for the big queens.
                Some little corrections on the "spider".

Edit 30: Added the "Bluish Xenomorph Queen Mother" from the comic "Female War/Earth War".
                Changed the name red "Queen Mother" into "Red Queen Mother".
                Changed size and position of the "king".

Edit 29: Added a white frame to match the other charts.

Edit 28: I have come up with a method of how to adjust the height of the xenomorphs evenly, despite the different postures.
              I look for the point at the base of the neck, where the upper ribs begin and extend the neckline to the skullcap. This point on the skull I rotate in the vertical. The now set point is the marker where the size is set.
              With this method, I compensate the unequal posture, because as soon as a Xenomorph presses the chin on the chest, the back of the head is massively in the air
              So now I corrected nearly every shown xenomorphs height.

              This screenshot shows how i mean this: sta.sh/0y0ymvkc58p

Edit 30: Edited the "praetorian". Due to a PN the "praetorian" has no digitigrade legs. So i used normal "warrior legs" instead.

Edit 29: Added the Scientific classification "internecivus raptus" from the movies.

Edit 28: Due to a comment from Spacejockey102102 the size of the "queen" was not correct.
              There is a major difference between the "queens" of "Aliens" and "AvP". On www.jamescamerononline.com you can read about this:
              "The AVP Queen is 20 feet high (although the CG version shows her even bigger) while the original Queen's height was 14 feet, double the size of a man.
              According to Alec Gillis, Paul Anderson wanted her bigger. He wanted her as big as he thought/imagined she was when he was young watching the movie.
              The AVP Queen was colossal. But the size of the Queen in ALIENS was carefully calculated, based on real biology and how much bigger queens are than the regular workers/warriors"
              So I reduced the size of the "queen" to 4,6m an put her between the "rogue" and the "ultramorph". She is now called "acheron-queen".

Edit 27: In preparation of another big edit I changed this list of edits. Newest one is now on top.

Edit 26: Changed whips on the back and the tail of the "king" to make the shapes more visible.

Edit 25: Changed the name "matriarch" back to "empress", because "matriarch" was the name of an individual grey xenomorph. "Empress" is the name of the caste.

Edit 24: Edited the "matriarch". Raised the hips, made the legs longer, more quality and colour-corrections.

Edit 23: Changed the picture of the "matriarch“.

Edit 22: Added the heights. Changed the scale.

Edit 21: Changed the name of the "rogue (king)" to just "king". Due to a comment the "king" might be a caste not an individual.
            The internet in this case is hazy. in the avpwiki there is no real "king". It only exists as a toy and has no references in the comics.
            The "rogue" alien made bei Kleist is a queen/human hybrid. This is an individual xenomorph. The sideshow-maquette is named king, so i will adapt that.
            Therefore i changed the "king" view to one that makes the shape better visible. Did some little retouchings on the face.

Edit 20: Added a queen with ovipositor (egg sac).

Edit 19: well... i think for the sake of completeness three chestbursters are now shown.
            "Standard-", "dog-" and "queen"-chestburster. The sizes are based on movie stills.

Edit 18: Another comment on the "AvP-wiki" made out a good point.
            The term "XX121" declares not a single variant of xenomorph. It is the declaration for the whole species.
            Therefore the "drone" is the correct term for "Big Chap". The picture i used for the "drone" seems to be the one from the AvP-movie.
            Because of that i erased this picture.

Edit 17: Everyday something new. A comment on the "AvP-wiki" made out a good point.
            The Queen Mother should be 10-15 m tall. I always uses the lower size and if this Mother would stretch it would reach the 10 m.
            But it looks to small because it walks with a stoop. So i rised the xenomorph that it reaches the 10 m mark.
            Additionally i put a scale on the left to make the sizes more clear.

Edit 16: Slightly retouched the "destroyer".
            I added a "eggmorph" respectively a human half on the way to an "ovomorph".
            I always liked the idea and it seems logically to me. With this way the xenomorph species has a loophole so that the species can avoid extinction.
            It is more logical than a drone who can lay one egg. I don't think that xenos are hermaphroditic.
            Since the first Alien movie the creature was always slightly on the female side as you can relate to terms like "mother", "matriarch", "queen" and so on.
            So i think morphing a victim into an "ovomorph" to maybe create a egg with a "royal facehugger" makes sense to me.

Edit 15: Edited the "destroyer" to make it look more like the comic.
            I added a big biomechanical tube on the side of the head and added a biomechanical pattern from the "pilots" shoulder on the shoulder of the "destroyer".
            Therefore i added some litte biomech-tubes to the legs. On issue i have. The tail of the "comic-destroyer" is smooth with some kind of "sucker cups".
            I cannot retouch this, becouse i have no material for this. Maybe i do it later.
            Added names for the humans and changed the font size of that.

Edit 14: Changed the file back to the smaller version. It is better for mobile devices.
            Changed the look of the "ovomorph". It fits now to the movie design of "Aliens".
            Added two more humans, "Jeanette Vasquez" from "Aliens" and a "Weyland-Yutani Commando" from "Alien 3".
            I think that makes the xenomorph sizes more clear.

Edit 13: The standard "facehugger" is now a little bit smaller.
            Increased the size of the size chart to 200% to increase the edge sharpness.
            But some pictures aren't good enough because the ressources are too small.
            The file you can download is now 30 mb instead of 10 mb.

Edit 12: Due to the correction by arvalis , the "rogue" is now quite as large as the "queen". It changes position with the "destroyer".
            "Ovomorph" and "facehugger" are now seperated.
            The "praetorian" is now slightly darker.
            "Ellen Ripley" is now spelled correct ;)

Edit 11: Okay... there is always something to do.
            Changed the red "royal facehugger" to a normal colored "royal facehugger" like "Alien 3 - DC“.

Edit 10: It's done. I edited the "palatine" and the "praetorian". Both share some bodyparts as the legs and the tail. But heads are now more correct.
            I think now they are more close to the references on the internet. If you have an issue with that, please contact me.
            Changed the "queen" back to a Neca-version. Fits in better.

Information between the edits:

I am creating a new "palatine". I discovered some inconsistencies with the "palatine" and the "praetorian".
The original "praetorian" form the video game looks like a big "drone" withe a smooth dome that is at the half of the head coming to a "queen"-like crown.
But there is another neca-praetorian-figure that have a more rigged head. I think that rigged head is not "praetorian"-like, so i will use this figure as base to build a "palatine".
The "palatine" in the comics is more like a little "queen-mother" but it seems to have a rigged head. I will retouch some spines and details new to make a "palatine“.

Edit 9: Added the "palatine". This figure is a creation of my own because there is only a comic-image and a giger-painting.
           The overall body is based on the "praetorian". I just made it slightly thinner. The head is a construction of parts from the "queen" and the "queen mother".
           Finally i added some spines on the chin, the elbows, the head and the back.
           Added a list of not shown xenomorphs and why in the text on the top.

Edit 8: Changed the name "warrior drone" in "cloned drone". Due to some resources the "warrior drone" or "smooth warrior" seems to be a young standard "warrior".
           The "cloned drone" from Alien: Resurrection is clearly another variant of xenomorph.
           Edited the "matriarch". Now it walks not as bend forward and the back is more straight.

Edit 7: Changed the "queen mother" to a more lateral view.
           Changed the "queen" to a more lateral view.
           Changed the "rogue" to a more lateral view.
           Edited the "palatine"-shadow to a more correct shape.
           Added the "empress" from the videogame and changed the name to "matriarch“.

Edit 6: Erased the new Ridley-mess. "Deacon", "neomorph" and "ultramorph" are no more.
           Changed the "drone" to a more lateral view.

Edit 5: Added pictures for the "hive-warrior" and the "destroyer“.

Edit 4: Added some more variants of the xenomoprh-family. But i have to say that Ridley messed up so much i can not bring everything to a logical level.
            I will explain. Every xenomorph i have no good picture for is grey, so there is only the height correct.
            Viewing from right to left the first new xeno is the "hive-warrior" from the comics.
            The next is a "palatine-xenomorph" wich is now noncanon because there's no more alien-homeworld in Ridleys new movies.
            The following two xenomorph-variants are the best example for the Ridley-mess. The "pilot-xenomorph" would be the xenomorph born from the original Aliens-movie-pilot woh was fertilized by a normal facehugger.
            If in Ridleys mess a normal facehugger fertilized the pale white engineer you would get the pale white "ultramorph". No biomaechanical body at all. Despite the similarities this is not a grown up "deacon".
            The "deacon" is the result of the most abstract procreation:

                Chemical A0-3959X.91–15 + human = mutated human
                mutated human + normal human = trilobite
                trilobite + engineer = Deacon

            funny... but lets forget this ^^

            Next up is the big empress-xenomorph from the video game.

Edit 3: Added the "Caterpillar P-5000 Work Loader" from "Aliens“.

Edit 2: Added another xenomorph. It's a "warrior drone" or "warrior dome" or "smooth warrior" from "Alien: Resurrection“

Edit 1: Changed the "xenomorph XX121" to a more lateral view of the creature so you can see the form of the head.

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JonsAngelsHobbyist Digital Artist
Really cool chart you got here. I never Vasquez was so short, may she and the other marines rest in peace. I also don't care with how Riddley Scott has taken the story. I don't care about an atheist's creation theory, nor do I care about sociopathic androids; I only want to see killer Xenomorphs. I am very weary of Disney now owning the franchise, especially with how "The Predator" turned out ( I'm not sure if Disney owned 20th Century Fox at that time, so I might be mistaken); but, maybe they can disregard Scott and put the franchise back in the right direction.
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Yeah! We want xenomorphs! That‘s the spirit!
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oh wow this is really neat!! thank you for making this!
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thank YOU for the compliment!
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The Red Queen is absolutley massiwe, damn!
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Risen-From-The-RuinsHobbyist Photographer
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Looks good, but the one you have representing the Queen Mother looks more like a Rogue Red Queen. The Queen Mother is a little more simplified, and closer to the size of a standard queen. avp.fandom.com/wiki/Queen_Moth…
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Risen-From-The-RuinsHobbyist Photographer
hi there,

well, you are right!

The shown on is the "Red Queen Mother". It is like this because there is no real good picture of the "normal" queen mother.

If i understand you correct, we have to different mothers.

The bluish mother: size more like a standart queen. no real arms. no real crest. big weird dorsal tubes.
The red mother: bigger than bluish mother. arms and crest more like a standart queen.

Is this like your oppinion?

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SaturnGrlProfessional General Artist
Yeah, I think that's a good explanation. :)
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queen 5.5m tall is wrong Alien Queen by Spacejockey102102   
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Yeah because it camera angle
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Risen-From-The-RuinsHobbyist Photographer
Well... this is based on what?

I see the height approximately around the shoulders 

aliens.wikia.com says 20 feet= 6,096m
avp.wikia.com says 15'+ (varies with age) = 4,572m
alienanthology.wikia.com says 15' = 4,572m

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Risen-From-The-RuinsHobbyist Photographer
Here you can see the size correction for the EU-chart.

Preview Queens by Risen-From-The-Ruins
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Risen-From-The-RuinsHobbyist Photographer
Additionally... i think i will put the AvP-Queen only in the "Expanded Universe Chart". Same is with the king in this chart. I think he is more an EU-variant.
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Well well... thats a very good point.

I have done some "research" and found this:
About creating the queen: www.jamescamerononline.com/The…


Aliens and AvP queen comparison: www.jamescamerononline.com/Ali…

Here it says:

"The AVP Queen is 20 feet high (although the CG version shows her even bigger) while the original Queen's height was 14 feet, double the size of a man. According to Alec Gillis, Paul Anderson wanted her bigger. He wanted her as big as he thought/imagined she was when he was young watching the movie. The AVP Queen was colossal. But the size of the Queen in ALIENS was carefully calculated, based on real biology and how much bigger queens are than the regular workers/warriors"

I think i will resize the queen to 4,5 m and put her between pilot-xeno and palatine. According to this i g´have to rezise the queenovipositor as well.

Another thing i will ad is the AvP queen, and put her on the place of the actual queen.

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 That is quite the chart you've made! It almost made my browser to explode... but it was worthy :D .
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Great. I‘m glad you can see it and like it.
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You are welcome and keep up the great work! :la: .
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I favorite this but since you erased the new xenomorph variants because you have a problem with the new canon, I revoked my favoriting this list.
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Risen-From-The-RuinsHobbyist Photographer
that is okay for me.
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arvalisProfessional Digital Artist
I think the king is definitely too small. Having worked on the official illustration to go with it, definitely should be queen sized or larger.
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