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Expired meter at 2 o’clock!

Aww, it was such a cute movie! Well written, great message, amazing art - seriously, Disney has been on a roll lately!

I thought the tiny police car was adorable, so meter duty it is! (though I’m sure they’ll be back chasing baddies in no time).

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Bravo nick you did it!

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LOL! He has become the Ticket Master ! XD

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lol this would get your fired in a heartbeat XD
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Nice idea.

Parking duty isn't so bad when you can have fun with a friend!
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Disney know how to make a great movie. ^^
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i love it
I love the bright colors you used
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This picture you've done of Nick and Judy working together during parking duty looks very nice for sure! :D
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Oh my gosh it's so good 😀😀😀
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In real parking duty, you don't even get a car.... lucky!
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That looks like fun!!  That's if I had claws to grip the roof with. :iconinuhappyplz:
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Yeah! Parking duty! XD 
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Zodiac, a webcomic on this website, made some major mistakes and is now dead. Blame Eggplantman.

They started chasing baddies at the start and overstrained. The twelve superheroes should have started gentle, like a bank robbery,or a holdup, but they had to tackle a legion of super-villains right off the reel. The story stopped at a cliffhanger and never went on. I waited 1 1/2 YEARS and at that point,just - gave - up ! I am cynical about getting committed to another webcomic.
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This should have happened in the movie! Don't you agree?
I'd be very scared if they were my meter maids... please give them something else to do so my meter's can be safe
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A fun day in the life of these two. :)
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i love that movie  
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These two make such a badass pair! I hope we will get a Zootopia 2. :heart: 
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they actually are making a 2nd one Omg so cute 
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Yep, I've heard! I am so excited!
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This is what Bogo punishes them with when they either fail a case, and/or Nick's Big Mouth trying Bogo's small patihence too hard, or Bogo placing them there when he ends up giving all the more worthwhile cases to the other cops and leaves his two best with nothing to do.

Either way, it's comtemporary.
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Best meter maids ever. X3
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