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Jurassic World? Enjoyable but thoroughly ridiculous. I went to see it with a group of friends that included a palaeontologist. There was much laughter. ...that said, it was fun, over the top and had dinosaurs. 

The lack of dinosaurs with feathers made me sad, so I thought I'd get an up to date look at what velociraptors look like. I mean, most people know the real velociraptors were feathered and chicken-sized, but I wasn't quite prepared for how CUTE they are:…

Seriously, they have little vestigial wings and a fluffy tail. How could I *not* paint that?

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*EDIT* Yes, I'm aware of the splicing DNA line. The thing that makes me sad is that kids will grow up with this image of all dinosaurs being scaly lizards instead of the way we now know dinosaurs to be. I wasn't expecting the movie to change the existing T-rex or velociraptor designs, but a couple of feathered dinosaurs in the background would have made a difference.
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