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The Gentlemanly Escort Cube

By Risachantag
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Continuing my Steampunk Portal themed series.

The patented Gentlemanly Escort Cube is a must for all unchaperoned Victorian ladies finding themselves in indelicate situations that might upset their fragile constitutions.

The Cube excels particularly in warding off the untoward advances of stray turrets and politely holding down buttons for her as she proceeds along her way.

The Aperture Institute of Natural Philosophy reminds you that the Cube does not initiate conversation, and certainly not if you have not yet been formally introduced.

Also in my Steampunk Portal themed series:
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now all it need is a mustach

TohtoriCrow's avatar

Extra points for the pipe

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I couidn't help myself but set it as my avatar picture.
And of course, I credited you.
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-dYinG- This is wonderful
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All I can say is that all your stock is really good.Thank you for sharing it to all of us.
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Nice one..Thank you for sharing.
We would like to remind you that the Gentlemanly Escort Cube will never profess to perforate you, and, in actuality, cannot expatiate.
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Omg it's awesome!!!
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Wow really nice! Do you have some better resolution? :) Would make an awesome wallpaper!
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This is beautiful. I love it.
Satsuki-Hyphen's avatar
Omg it's so awesome ! (*o*)
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Wow! What an amazing drawing! Really love the literal steampipe
Also, does it have a spade instead of a heart?
JohnnyCurcio's avatar
This makes me happy....and....I'm really not sure why.
animazinglyawsome's avatar
oh how i love steampunk
TerrylovesBoobs's avatar
No suspicious stabbing motions? *looks wary*
Risachantag's avatar
Oh, it looks so lovely with the hearts and roses!
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