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Steampunk Portal

By Risachantag
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I was sitting around at Swancon, chatting with friends, and the idea of Steampunk Portal came up. ...and we got thinking, how on earth would you make portals in the early industrial era? Oh crap, you'd have to *dig* them, wouldn't you? With your steam-powered pick.

And well, Portal, being made by Valve, available on Steam? It just kind of needed to be done.

By the way, I've finished Portal 2, but please refrain from spoilers in the comments as others may not yet have done so.

Also in my Steampunk Portal themed series:
The Gentlemanly Escort Cube
The Wheatley Dumbwaiter Service

Time: About 7 hours
Tools: Photoshop CS4, Wacom Intuos tablet, cgtextures
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Now your tinkering with portals

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HOLY SHIT thas amazing

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Why does steampunk look so f#cking awesome
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Yay 2of my favourite games
The-Chosen-Juan's avatar
I would play mad bank to play that.
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Matching two really cool things rather well
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That is such a cool concept, and the art is beautiful. 
Very beautiful fun
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I found you creator of this Fan-Art! :D Thanks for it, ^^
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I just saw the "God save the Potato"
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This is absolutely gorgeous! I am someone who loves both Portal games and steampunk, so to me this is a very cool idea.
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Wait, doesn't just make her jumping into where she jumped from?
OneArtisticLegend's avatar
Yes, the result will make it so she is continuously jumping through the whole forever. If that makes any sense. You can do that if you play portal.
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dude..... this roksCURSE YOU! 
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It looks like Chell in a Half Life setting (even though Half Life wasn't Steampunk) Great work!
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now that is totally awesome!!
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from the looks of it you did this picture without playing the game 1st, either that, or you don't know how the portals work, or the blue one isn't connected to the orange one... which is heresy
Risachantag's avatar
Because heaven forbid the exact same rules of Portal don't apply in a low tech steampunk world. Also, it's parodying official art:…

I really shouldn't NEED to say this, but of course I've played Portal & Portal 2. I don't do fanart of any game that I haven't played and loved.
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