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Original: Time to Fly

By Risachantag
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With this piece, I wanted a real sense of scale. The theme is all about flight and trusting yourself. I wanted it to feel like a dream; the only way to find out if you can fly or not is to jump.

Time: Approx 5-6 hours
Tools: Photoshop CS3 & Wacom Intuos tablet
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there are many things i actually like about this work that raises it above what would be considered excellent.

the sense of scale, which the artist is trying to achieve has been superbly rendered in this work, you can see the amount of time and effort used to get to this goal, look carefully at what seems to be a river below and draw your eyes up and you can see how the earth has been built up. the wideness of the landscape has not been approached with the usual landscape form, for this artist dares to use an upright portrait style which has been wonderfully pulled off in the work. the added detail of the soon to be flier lends the scene the final piece and shows the full depth of this work. Great use of colours and a very atmospheric scene. well done. good work
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EPIC! :la: :love: Really awesome scene! :clap:
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Hey, I doubt you've heard much about this piece recently, but I wanted to tell you how it has affected me. Hopefully, if you're having a bad day or are wondering why you make art, this will help cheer you up.

When I joined Deviant Art YEARS ago, this was one of the first pieces that really stood out to me. After looking through some amazing but fairly standard, fan art, I stumbled on this picture and though "Holly sh!t! This is amazing!" It helped me realize that there was more than just fan stuff on this site, but there was real awe inspiring, talented, and amazing original art as well. Unfortunately I've never been able to buy this particular print, but it's always been on my wish list. I'm lucky enough now that my home has an abundance of art from some amazing people, but if people ever ask me if there was any art that I really wanted, my first thought is this piece. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone else would understand what I meant if I described it or why I loved it so much xp I love the detail and the color and the perspective and all the technical stuff, but it's more than that.

This picture makes me want to fly. Every time I look at it I can feel the emotions welling up inside of me. I can just imagine the exhilaration and fear the runner is experiencing as they go to jump. When I look at it I feel a small sense of fear on their behalf that they might fall into oblivion, but more than that I feel hope. I hope that they will fly and that makes me hope that I can fly as well. It makes me want to take that leap and try to fly.

I don't know if you'll really care about this comment, but I wanted to share my experience I have had with your art. It is my hope that I can, in some small way, help inspire you to continue to create. To continue to create art that will inspire people the same way that this piece has, and will continue to, inspire me.
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I found this on Google Images years ago and have been looking for the artist ever since. Well, now that I found you I just want to say that this picture is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen. It blends the fantasy and dreamlike quality with a sense of mystery. The colors and depth are wonderful and add to the impact of the picture. In all, I just want to say that this picture has been a great inspiration for me.
I never tire of seeing this painting. rsrs

She's amazing!
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Absolutely amazing! I've had so many dreams like this myself, it's just like I envisioned!
Really amazing!
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I love everything about this drawing, the theme especially. :heart:
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This is truly EPIC. No other word can describe it better, in my opinion.
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I really love the background it's extreme good!
For some reason i can relate to this drawing. I always wanted to be up in the sky or at least a place thats high off the ground and has alot of windand fly away(broke my arm in doing so because i wanted to fly and i was on top of the roof so i jumped. I was little) but i could never achieve it.
Overall cool drawing looks stunning!
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this makes me want to grow wings and fly away... amazing :D
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This is wonderful.
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Holy moly. Were I not a starving student, I'd buy this print in a heartbeat.
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There's a guy online who's stealing art and selling "Authentic" canvas prints/paintings online. Yours was hit here [link] There's a big thing going on [link] I felt I should let you know.
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I love the depth of field in this, it really makes the view look huge. I also like the orange tone linking the guy to the birds and showing that he can be the same as them if he really tries. ^^
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This is so cool!! i love it!! This reminds me of The rescuers down under! (a old disney movie). great job!
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This is one of the first pieces I saw on DeviantArt, and it inspired me to experiment with color and scale. You're a fantastic artist and this piece is wonderfully vibrant and beautiful! Great work!
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Awesome work! pitty i don't trust myself.
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Nice use of linking colour to imply a relationship between the human figure and the birds we can see - I see him transforming into one of these birds. This is nice little narrative that you've created through colour and the placement of the figure, not by saying outright that he and the birds are one in the same.

Very nice.
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my god this is gorgeous!
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Really impressive! You totally caught the perspective of the hight "moutains" and more, you put some fantaisy with the right colors. I totally love it!
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