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Original: Guinea Pig Race

By Risachantag
I was recently browsing around, looking for guinea pig mugs and didn't find a single one that interested me. ...So I figured I'd make my own. ^_^

For those of you who haven't been privilaged enough to witness the spectacle that is the highly competitive sport of guinea pig racing, I feel very sorry for you. It involves a row of cavies hurtling, running, walking and just generally meandering around, sometimes towards the finish line, but often not. You might want to take a look at this video to get the idea (first one listed): [link]

Tools: Photoshop CS2, Wacom Graphire Tablet
Time: About 5 hours
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© 2007 - 2021 Risachantag
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new favorite piece of art
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This is so cute .3. Guinea Pigs Forever! :Walk your Guinea Pig: Kiki - 50x50 Icon- guinea pig emoji stop drop and roll 
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:D Everyone who has ever had a guinea piggy can confirm it´s a brilliant picture!
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I love this drawing!
It shows their intelligence...  (but I love guinea pig, it's my boyfriend who he is think !!!! )
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I have never seen a Guinea race before (will watch the video) but this sound about right :3
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We humans want us to do or someone to do what we want.
But,they do not use the sense to do.Instead, they use the sense to live and enjoy the life that God created.

If anyone read my comment, thank me,because it's exiciting. :):):):):)
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Cute, lovely, beautiful, furry, cuddly, awesome, great, amazing. Actually I've got a guinea pig!
Dr-Ellis-Skyes's avatar
Ahhh! you draw guinea pigs so well how cute! wonderful work :)
DreamingBudgie's avatar
I want to go to the guinea pig races! La la la la 
stuff-I-do's avatar
:iconasdfghplz: omg 
the clueless one looks like one i had ;v; 
maestical's avatar
This is simply amazing and beautiful and so guinea-pig filled.
foxtaIes's avatar
Haha yes!
I once had a dream that I had a bunch of guinea pigs at a large table.
And there was a track around, and they just walked around, looking for treats.
This is really cool! 
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This is so cute :hearts:
DevilishlyGoodLookin's avatar
I found this pic ages ago on a Bing search! So glad I finally can praise the original artist! :tardclap: :8Bclap: clap remake 1b 
:Walk your Guinea Pig: 
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DwaginIs3Rr0r418's avatar
Lol lazy piggies, there so cute!
oshiz's avatar
AHAHAHAHA! I find this far too amusing xD *dying*
triggerdog's avatar
Did you just make up the guineapig designs because 1 looks EXACTLY. The same as my guinea pig pepper, if you like I could show you a picture! Oh and great art!
Risachantag's avatar
Haha, number 1 was my first guinea pig, Comet. He had a little comet that started at his feet and went across his shoulder. He was a bit of a runt, but such a lovely cavy.
triggerdog's avatar
Aww comets such a fitting name!… this is my piggy pepper. Can you see why I thought of the resemblance? :) it's funny because she was also the runt!  And thank you for replying ;) 
Risachantag's avatar
Oh wow! Aside from her floppy ears, she looks SO much like Comet did! That's astonishing!
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