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Original: Ancient Golem Battle

Prints available on Zazzle from $10

Monster design is fun. =) I've been playing around with the idea of monsters with some form of disability. This one's blind, but can locate things when the lights from each of the eye symbols in the rock lock onto a target.

Lots of reference to Mayan and Incan art styles in this one.

Time: About 10 hours
Tools: Photoshop CS3 & Wacom Graphire Tablet
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Epic i the first word that comes to mind when looking at this piece!! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)" /> It had a real strong 'concept artwork' feel to it all and would not look out of place in a future game as a boss fight scene! The art direction is superb as the mayan/inca look is definitely evident everywhere; the monster, the warrior and even the environment. The moody yet bright lighting adds to the whole atmosphere of the scenario and the bright lights emitting from the eye symbols give the whole piece a mysterious feel to it!
Only minor niggle is the monster seems to be a little too static after having just lain a heavy blow to the ground in an attempt to hit the hero. Just some sort detail on his body showing effort/movement could have helped. Ah well, it doesn't matter much because this piece of work truly is amazing, farr better than anything i could ever do!
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such a masterpiece!!!
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10/10. all i have to say.

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Love the Mayan Incan thing would love to see more tech style done with the atheistic
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Viva México! Viva Guatemala! y América latina (:
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THis is so bloody EPIC!!
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YOU DREW THAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! :worship:
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Would you mind if I could use this for a custom Yu-gi-oh! card? Credit will be given to you for the art and the card will not be used for my own personal profit.
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Inca version of a saterday night out.
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I like the lasers or whatever they are
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ANCIENT MAYAN LASER BEAMS!!!!! But seriously, great work here.
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you know this looks so epic i want there to be written an epic story about that incan atlantean soldier golem and his quest to appease the rebellion of the magic/technologic stonebeasts/golems to get revenge for the death of/to free/to win the hand of/to get a stone of ressurection to bring back to life (like in shadow of the collossus) his wife/girlfriend/love/soulmate or whatever and it could even be an epic tragedy on how these battles ultimatly led to the destruction of Antlantia and at the end he could be holding her in his arms while everything around them crumbles and is falling but it doesnt matter because they re together, in each others arms. or it could be that the only way for the survival of the human race was to submerge the island with all the dangerous machines and escape to the highlands (link to the Flood) and then at the end you would have a drawing of the hero and his gal looking out on the new ocean with all the people of atlantia safe... so much epicness in this conceptual drawing... it gives so many ideas ... wow its epic
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sry i missed that the soldier was a she ... girlpower! (ps im a guy and im straight)
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previous post says it all...truly epic and unique style...AMAZING WHERES THE SUPER LIKE BUTTON? LOL
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Brilliant! Great Design! Love the 'half circles' on that Golem too! :)
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This would make an epic boss fight in a game.
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do i have permission from you to download this photo and use it for commercial reasons?
i think this is brill and 10 hours?! WOW!!!
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I'm glad you like it, but I do not want my work to be used for commercial purposes.
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Hi! I just noticed this is used for commercial purposes... As a cover art for Benzie - Raw Essence. They had your permission?…
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