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My Little Dinosaur

Because when I was little, I played with both my little ponies and dinosaur toys (this may say quite a lot about me). I would have LOVED these. Particularly if they really did squirt our rainbow blood.

Naturally, they'd have bones, footprints and meteors on their rumps.

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Scientifically accurate indeed, predator, prey, food chain, the circle of life.

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Interesting from bloody to raimbow. I like:happybounce: :happybounce: :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) .
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Ah, love it <3
Congrats on such a cute and funny idea!
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My Little Mass Extinction
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is this like My little pony but for dinosaurs? 

if so then the rainbow factory is real here XD
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I love how they are MLP G3 style!
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But the artstyle is nice I'll give ya thatCheerleader Ruel Boufbowl Cheerleader - Red 
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Either beeautiful or scary... MY brain hurtsInside out - Disgust is done (emote) 
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Violent, and amazing.
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This is amazing
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I am ok with this
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Same here. I still do it. X3
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Haha I love it! I played with dinosaurs and My Little Ponies as a kid, too. (Heck, I still do. >_> )
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I want this on a shirt, right now. Make shirts. Do it. right now. I need this as a shirt.
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Believe it or not there was one my little dino Her name was Cutesaurus.
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OMG I wish these toys would have actually existed!!! :O
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Actually they did...well one did anyway. Her name was Cutesaurus
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OMG How cute!!! I don't know them! :D
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This is twisted, and I like it. Nice coloring and drawning.
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