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Hydrangea - One of the oddest examples from the genus, Dracomagnoliophyta. It goes without saying that hydration, exposure to sunlight and a regular supply of insects is key to the health of this species.

Science & Dragons set:
Maple Dragon
Bunsen Burner Dragons


This commission for the Continuum convention was actually the piece that sparked my dragon series. The theme was “Stranger than Fiction” and I sure enjoyed designing and painting it! My maple dragon was a thumbnail idea for the same concept that wasn’t chosen.

Plug time! If you’re into scifi/fantasy and in Melbourne over June 10-13, you should check out Continuum 12. =)

…and one more plug, speaking of conventions! I’ll be at Swancon in Perth this upcoming Easter weekend! Mostly just to enjoy the con, but I’ll have a few new pieces in the art show. April 2-3rd, I’ll be running my artist alley table at Oz Comic-con Perth. You can find me at stand 11, “7th Heaven”. Oh hey, that rhymes~ <3

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It is Sprout from "Lylo and Stitch"/
silentsteel's avatar
Incredibly cool, and I'm wondering if the little fish are some sort of symbiotic species to the bigger ones . . 
Bathsheba-Biotch's avatar
TheBoyWhoCriedPanda's avatar
plant hydra, me gusta 
WingedJackal's avatar
So cool, and very creative!
FoalFire's avatar
With this and a snapdragon, I would have the sickest garden ever!
Also, what are those little fishy things in the bottle?
Marioca310's avatar
Cute! Didn't know dragons could grow from tree roots!
awesome! looks like a phytohydra!
kaylaw16's avatar
I want one!! They could get rid of the mosquitoes :D
dragonus195's avatar
I want this flower-pet :happybounce:
SolarLugia's avatar
Gorgeous colors, and these are adorable~
clumsydemonwithfire's avatar
Hahaha, these dragons series are so brilliant!!! I love them all! Very well done! :D
It's rare to see hydroponic and pyrophoric caloric in the same metabolic. 
slytherinsane's avatar
Oh wow, I love this so much. Your arrrrt :happybounce:
Letdragon's avatar
This is absolutely beyond clever. If we could actually grow dragons from plants like this, it would be pretty awesome (though it should be reserved only for true dragon enthusiasts). Nicely done. ;D
SkyRiverProductions's avatar
=-D This is really awesome! And I love that pun. X3
Blaze-Typhoon's avatar
Hah, I get it, Hydra, hydrangea
R-Doll's avatar
Fantasy on a refined and finest level
It's so creative and visually engaging. 

Plus.... feeling a bit devious, I suspect that would fetch a high price on the black magic market. *smirks*
PapiTrooper's avatar
Very good job !!
GGCrono's avatar
That is some A-grade punnery right there. :D
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