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June 4, 2017
Horizon Zero Dawn: Well Done Little One by Risachantag offers a beautifully emotional scene in soft warm color
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by Catgirldstr11
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Horizon Zero Dawn: Well Done Little One

One thing Horizon Zero Dawn really needed was a way to pet robots after they’d helped you out! Good job, you totally took down that nasty robot attacking me, whoossagoodrobotyesyouare~

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I thought I was the only one who thought this! I mean they even help protect you when you come across other robots... this painting is so beautiful xo
Katlover2219's avatar
Dawww...I would give so many pets...I would get nothing done ever :)
loser57's avatar
Awwww this is so cute a relationship between a outcast and a robot dinosaur
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NormaLeeInsane's avatar
This is so sweet. :aww:
BunMelon's avatar
Am i allowed to use as my background for my ipad?
not only is the drawing absolutely gorgeous. But its also so touching and something i want to be in the game now.
yellowpikmin88's avatar
I remember when I overrode my first Watcher. I named him Blinky and we travelled for a while until a sawtooth showed up...and he died protecting me Crying Mako 
MillieTaberDraws's avatar
But watchers don't follow you
KashianXanthe's avatar
Wow, this turned out great! My husband is obsessed with this game. I hope he finishes soon so that I can play it. Beautiful job!
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Im praying they port to pc.
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Positively stunning. Nice work on this piece.
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After all, Aloy was a direct creation of GAIA. In many ways, she is more kin to the Machines than she is to her fellow humans.
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D'aww, absolutely adorable! <3
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This is beaaauuutifullll !
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This is cute. Never played the game, but every game should have that.
Fabricolage's avatar
Nice, I hope to get the game someday.
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And this is why mods exist. People get to it we need this:meow:
I would be petting robots more than playing the rest of the game. I'm a sucker for animals even though I get attacked by them sometimes.
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This is great, just got the game and started playing it . Looks amazing !
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