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Freedom Fall: The Shark Boss

By Risachantag
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Freedom Fall is now up on Greenlight, in the running to get our game onto Steam! Please support us by giving us a 'Yes' vote and telling your friends!

Freedom Fall's Beta is also now available on Desura!

Exciting news today, guys, the trailer is now up, so you can see the game in action!

Freedom Fall Trailer

The Freedom Fall Facebook account has also been launched, so if you'd like to see news about the game as it becomes available, please like us there!

This is the shark boss, which I painted while on Livestream last month, so the painting process is available for re-viewing here: [link]
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hi can u help me make some of my charterers that im making for my game ill be very happy to have a good artist like u to do concept art for my game :)
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Sorry, I'm too busy with my own game and other art projects. A tip: most artists won't work for free and if you're approaching artists to look for help, make sure you take the time to use correct punctuation and grammar. It's not a good look if you're asking someone to work with you but don't take the time to spell correctly.
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Awesome job! I love how you did the water lighting effects. <3 Excellent job!
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Liking the flow of action in this piece
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Is great, the colors and tones are so nice, and the background too.

The effects on the water are amazing too, and the lightning is amazing, love how you made it taking in consideration that they are underwater !

The designs are great, just by looking at them you can imagine all kind of stories those character had lived and even a little of how the world must be.

Great work really !
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Very Incredible :D
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Looks good! I wish you alot of success on this game!
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I must say, the game looks awesome! A Cute little platformer, and looks slightly hard...
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stunning, i love the contrast with the colors and shading
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The perspective is so well done! :wow: it adds so much depth to the picture.
Also, it is so dynamic, one feels like it is within the chase :) Thumbs up for you :clap:
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Oh wow that shark looks menacing! I also really look forward to seeing the trailer soon!
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I am so buying this!
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Its beautiful! I look forward for the game to come out.
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I hate water levels and water bosses so although I love the emotion in this I'm not going to enjoy this part of the game.
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That is great news :D congrats!! Also love the image, it makes me want to see all the different varying levels of the game :D and loving the design of Madam Sharkie...she dosent look too happy about the love heart drawn on her though :P
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re minds me of spyro
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Saw the trailer. DAMN, is that a tall tower.
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