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FFX Dissidia: Jecht and Tidus

By Risachantag
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I finished FF Dissidia a little while ago* and decided it was time for some fanart. =)

I have to admit, I actually ended up liking the FFX story mode the best. I found Jecht to be a much more interesting bad guy, as he's not 100% evil like almost every other bag guy in the game. ...and the new take on a certain scene from FFX was wonderful, I really felt it.

So yeah, I really recommend the game to FF fans. The other highlights for me include Zidane being surprisingly fun and likeable and the final battle with Cloud vs Sephiroth.

*I played the Japanese version, as I speak Japanese. You'll have to wait a little longer before it comes out in other languages.
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At first glance my thoughts were 'this is absolutely amazing!' from the colouring, to the pose to the little spires like they have in FFX.

They are behaving how I would think they would be and completely in character.

What really caught my eye is the soft blue shading and colours all around the rocks and characters. It's really well done! The sense of light is also well done in the sense it's in the one direction and believable.

This is great, the only minor things I've noticed were tidus's left leg seems a little thin compared to his right leg, but that could be because it's pushed in the distance a bit more. Also Jecht's right hand looks much bigger.

but other then those minor things i can see, it's a fantastic picture! Way to go@
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Looks amazing! I'm agree Jecht is not 100% evil, so he's just bad guy. Love this picture! :excited: 
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jecht = sol bad guy
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i used to be a whale!!!!
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Nice one. The relationship between Tidus and Jecht is a sad one and is composed well in this painting. Thanks, the ffx story is a unique one but naturally related to Romeo and Juliet. Jecht is not really a bad guy, hes just a very physically competitive non father figure and assumed to be bad. Seymour just does not get it.. lol.
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It would have been great if in the game, Jecht saves everyone and says to Chaos, "Pick on someone your own size." or something like that.

Because wasn't Jecht originally on Cosmos's side, if I'm not mistaken.

Still, Great picture, Great characters, Great Game.
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*laughs out loud, truly*

Your technical skill is superb, but golly, what a pose. And Tidus is >< close to lopping off that foot.

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Is angering the guy with the sword wise?

Oh, right, Jecht and Tidus, never mind.
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Jecht always looks like a pedo XD
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only one downside to ffx seymour gaudo =_= just die seymour gaudo D=<
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This is lovely. I keep thinking up stories that involve more than one hero and villain from each world, and for FFX I have Seymour, Yunalesca, and Anima vs Tidus, Auron, and Jecht (who are probably trying to help/save Yuna or something). And Auron spends half the time trying to get Jecht and Tidus to stop fighting each other and fight the bad guys already. And Jecht uses his final Aeon mode against Anima, Auron fights Yunalesca, and Tidus vs. Seymour mostly.
And when they fight mannikins, Jecht and Tidus always try to see who kills more, but Auron always beats them both.
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No words...Simply amazing. The coloring and shading are excellent and all the details... *________*
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it looks fabulous
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^ if you feel that lulu should be in the next dissidia
if yes then copy and paste
spread the word!
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Lol love Tidus's Expression. He doesn't look so happy. I dislike Jecht just as much as him... but for a totally different reason, and that's cause he reminds me of someone my mom used to date, who was quite abusive, and when they were together, she would never pay attention to me... I guess that's why I can relate to Tidus... Plus I find Tidus to be hot... O.o;
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simply amazing use of colour & detail! heh, poor tedius, Jecht is gonna get stabbed pritty soon me thinks, lol
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Yeah, I really liked the Tidus storyline, it was probably the best :)
Seriously though, great job!
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amazing work there

I've found it surprisingly fun, along with Golbez, Jecht only want the end of this war and to return home and is not evil in my eyes
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So cool! And very heartwarming. :)
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Pahaha xDDD yeah jecht xDDD
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