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Doctor Who: Disco Daleks

By Risachantag
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Retro Who~

I had this idea at Swancon last year... and it's finally come to fruition!

I chose the 4th doctor, as he's from the disco era (and you can just see him dancing dorkily, can't you?). Daleks aren't great dancers, but they can do the robot.

4th doctor detail shot is here: [link]

Time: 6 hours
Tools: Photoshop CS4, Wacom Intuos tablet
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John Travolta eat your Heart out
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thank you you beautiful human like person
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I must have missed that party...
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Dance or be exterminated!
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g00d dance now i search for drink in my town
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Awesome! Great idea!
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Oh my God, this is perfect La la la la 
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It's okay. I didn't need the sleep anyway.
Fourth doctor:(singing) Well you can tell by the way I use my walk I'm a woman's man no time to talk...
Leela: When did you become a fan of the Bee Gees doctor?
Fourth doctor: when I started watching Saturday Night Fever.
Daleks:(singing) and it's all right it's okay you may look the other way...
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I will never stop loving that scarf... 4 can be so seriously random, it's hillarious.
Is this what rose ment about k9
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The 4th Doctor's hat looks like it was just pasted up there, on top of soft hair, rather than on the actual head.....not to judge you or anything, but that's the only odd thing about the picture (which is already awesome enough).
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Staying alive would fit this soo perfectly
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walk up in the club like, what up I got a big scarf.
cat-in-the-web's avatar
hahahaha this is hilarious XDDDDDDDDD
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Oh... I thought Four had used the sonic to activate the Daleks' previously unknown hidden features, and imagined the little squids freaking out. 
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