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DBZ: Piccolo and Gohan Tribute

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Done for my sister, who's a Piccolo and Gohan fan (Not yaoi! Yarr! *bites ankles of misinterpreters*). It feels like *ages* since I last drew Piccolo, I actually found it quite challenging to draw him. Hrmm... I'm still not happy with the lighting/colouring; I really should have spent more time on the rocks, but I just got tired of them ^^; . Still, it was nice to take a break from commissions and backgrounding and stuff and draw DBZ fanart again. =)
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Gohan: What are going to learn today Mr Piccolo!
Piccolo: Dodge
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MielSibel10032002Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cus he has no penis
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I'm just saiyan :)

would it be interesting if he did
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ZanariaTheHedgehogHobbyist Artist
Did you...did you just do a pun...?
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was it very punny ;)

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dkolben98Hobbyist Artist
Gohan is the main reason Piccolo turned good. 
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Gohan is the ONLY reason.
I loved Piccolo as he was a father figure to Gohan ^^ So cute! :) 
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xXcookiesandcakesxXStudent Traditional Artist
Thats what best friends are for
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javieneHobbyist Artist
Nice im a gohan and piccolo fan too
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nightchildmoonchildHobbyist Writer
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couragesheartHobbyist Photographer
(っω・`)my goodness. This brings back a lot of memories. Even though I just got done watching the 1st episode. Now I know why Gohan was my favorite. He was so adorable. ^^ you did well on this piece. Its really amazing art.
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RyugaFan123Hobbyist General Artist
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10georgieHobbyist General Artist
I can SO see this happening. Piccolo really is kind at heart.
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VicodinFlavoredMintsHobbyist General Artist
Awww, thisi s very sweet! :iconadorableplz: :clap:
I like how you drew the stars.
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ZeroFangirl-MuHobbyist General Artist
This is so sweet. :heart: One of the most perfect examples of character development in DBZ is Piccolo's change of heart in training Gohan. I love how Gohan is sound asleep in the comfort of Piccolo's white cape, probably exhausted from another day of training. :aww: And Piccolo can't help but stay close on watch and guard him, since Gohan is still very young. They're so adorable together that I could cry.
The starry sky and the texture of the grass on the rocks make this scene look so peaceful. :meditation: You did a wonderfully done job here!
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I really love their relationship. Its so sweet and fatherly. Sometimes Piccolo seems more like Gohan's dad then goku even (i love how the dbz abridged series keeps pointing this out as well as the fact that goku hasnt been a very good father to gohan). Anyway, nice job with this piece, it looks great!
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crazyboutmanga822Student General Artist
aww! i love reading fics and stuff about they're friendship, hes my favorite character and it was sweet to see him turn into such a good guy because of his worst enemies son. nice job!
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Magmashift101Hobbyist Digital Artist
Makes sense since Piccolo can't get cold
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The start of a beautiful friendship!
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BiancaLPStudent Artist
Missing the mant... ah! Sorry! XD :D
PICCOLO IS ADORABLE, VERY VERY CUTE, I LOVE YOU!!!! :squee: :heart: :squee: :heart: :squee: :heart: :squee: :heart:
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