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DBZ: Incoming...

By Risachantag
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This was one of those "1:00AM" ideas; I was lying in bed thinking "I really need to get this down..." XD My sister helped a little with the scripting, she's laughed her way through more bad Mary Sue fics than I have. ^^;

I really hope people'll get the joke ^^; But I guess anyone who's been within a few miles of any major fanfiction community should know of the frightening number of badly written Mary Sue fics out there...

-2 hours drawing/inking, 5-6 colouring, Photoshop 7
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LOL! that's great

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can i used your comic for a comic dub
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Isn't Goku himself kinda like a mary sue?
No he's not. He worked for everything he got. And carries he burden of everyone on his shoulders without asking for eternal worship. 
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The Shooting of Mary McSue.  :rofl:

 This came to mind after reading a good bit of Robert W. Service.
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Really, just saiyan OCs are Sues and Stus, like, always
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Thats sooo funny!!! Well done :)
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Y'know, what makes a Mary Sue a Mary Sue isn't overpoweredness or complete "perfection," it's how the story, characters, and setting shift and bend to accomodate a character who simply must not be.
Wao it takes you quit a while for making
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Lol My Rose Isn't Perfect In Fact I Like My Non Perfect Clumsy Rose :D 

Rose: Please Just Stop Sora * Facepalm * 

Why Do You Guys Hate On Me So Much I Give You Love QAQ
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And all because the author, Lisa, had a PURE UNADULTERED crush on Vegeta and she needs to be forbid from all human contact. Lisa Magenta Von Dark is HORRIBLE! Danielle Otaka is the BEST self-insert Mary Sue!
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I have no idea who this Lisa is, but she sounds disappointing, any link to that?
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Three in one week?!

Someone out there is making sues at a rapid pace.
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Sues is the type of characters crazy fans make. They break the canon as we see above. And they unexplainably powerful and have relationships with canon characters.
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Thank you for this!! Mary sues are the abominations of all fanfiction! Levi Rivaille (Time to Kill) [V2] 
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you can't be 3 halves of something
I can't see It...
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This is funny, but now I can't read it bc the link is broken :(
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i can´t see ;-;
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