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Cosplay Photography Tutorial 2

By Risachantag
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Part 1, Preparation and Lighting, is here: [link]

My cosplay photography can be found in my cosplay photography gallery: [link]

Cosplayers featured:
:iconrallamajoop: Millia Rage, Joshua
:iconshastachan: Rhyme
:iconk-chan009: Neku, Baiken
:iconcescat: Shiki
:iconvelithya: Beat
:icontwinklee: Tidus
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This is a fab tutorial; thank you! 
Out of curiosity, which lens did you use for the more dramatic photos in your "Angles" section?
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aaaaaaand into the favorites you go!!! >//< amazing!
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helpful hints, thanks ^^
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awesome tutorials you made. It made me want to go out shooting immediately with my cosplaying friends, and you have many useful tips <3 thank you for making this
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A good tip if it is too bright out is to under expose your shot (i.e. make it too dark), and use your flash. Even if it is mounted on your camera, but if you use a camera mounted flash make sure you are very close. It's a pretty cool effect and makes your skies look really blue.
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thank you ! this was helpful because im cosplaying Jesse Anderson and Alexis Rhodes from Yugioh GX, and I was actually thinking about how I'd pose if one of the photographers asks me for a photo at the con im going to. and im even doing my own cosplay shoot, so again this is really helpful tips on how to pose. i obviously knew not to be doing that duck face or the peace sign or anything like that.
now that I saw the very first picture in the tutorial, I knew exactly how to pose ^-^.
And I even know how to edit photos for a dramatic look or a sort of edge to the cosplay pic to make it look more "cool", like you mentioned in the tutorial ;)
Just a little fun fact, the cosplay costume in the first pic you used for the tutorial sort of reminds of Yoh from Shaman King <x]
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Dood! Thank you for this! This really helps! Really appreciate it 8D
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Thank you for the geat hint
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Oh my gosh, thank you so much!
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Excellent tutorial! Now let's see if I can apply it in real life. Thank you very much for the tips
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What a fun, informative pair of tutorials! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge of photography, Risa! :D
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Fascinating! This shall be in my folder of tutorials.
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Fantastic tips, thank you very much!
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This one as well is really great :heart:
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Awesome~ very informative and useful ^^
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Even after 16 years of taking cosplaying pictures, there was so much I didn't know:jawdrop: . You have given me so many :lightbulb:s Risachantag-sensei, You are :#1: You deserve a :clap: and some :love: . Now, the question is How do you ask cosplayers you don't know to pose as you wish without seeming demanding?
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As a cosplayer who doesn't know how to pose half of the time, I'd be very happy if someone were to give me tips on how to pose correctly.

The best thing to do is just go up to them, ask if you can take a picture and with a "could you please pose a bit like this", and a polite way of asking, I think you should get far enough. (: Just don't take up too much of their time because, after all, you don't know them.

And promise to give them the shots when they're done. That also helps quite a bit.
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