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Cosplay:Metal Texture Tutorial

By Risachantag
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For more photos of the props/armour I've textured, and to see the shuriken in use, take a look through my Wai-con photos (My sister and I are cosplaying FFVII Yuffie & Tifa and their AC versions). [link]

For tutorials on making the props & armour, I recommend Amethyst Angel's tutorials: [link] She does some amazing stuff!
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Thank you so much for this tutorial! I'm making weapon prop for the first time and got to the painting part. Obviously just using metallic silver doesn't work, making it look more fake than ever. So I've been looking from one weapon prop tutorial to the next and each one tells me how to make them but when it comes to the painting part they are rather vague on the details, one was "Next you paint and let it dry!" Another listed what they used but offered no other details. 

One that did the same fortunately linked to your tutorial and I have to say once again thank you so much! I just tried this on one side and it looks 10x better already. Not 100% real but much much better and what I want. 
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No worries, I'm glad to see that my old tutorial is still getting use! Texturing props is still my absolute favourite part of prop-making. Wishing you luck with your project!
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Just returned from the con with my completed project and though I need to do a few things differently next time it was great for my first try doing something of the sort and it looked great in the photos.

I'm going to have to use this technique for my next prop so I'm forever grateful to you for making this tutorial. A thousand times over thank you. 
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This is perfect!  Thank you so much!
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Wow. This tutorial is incredibly helpful. I don't think I ever fully realized how much a good paint job can help with making things look real. Thanks for this, it will really help!Love 
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what is this? a post for ants?!
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Click on it to zoom in. Never done that before on DA? It's 4000 pixels at full size.
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Would this work with a weapon that's supposed to be red?
would this also work on foam weapons too?
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Hi, I linked to your tutorial on my blog: thecosplaychronicles.wordpress…
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Interesting tutorial
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This is perfect. Thanks for putting this together.
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Just what I needed, now I can paint the knife for my Akira cosplay without making it look cheap!
Thanks!! :heart:
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How did you get the shape to be so sharp? :D
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So nice! I look forward to trying this out if I ever need to make any metallic looking props :)
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Nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing. :)
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I' currently mking a weapon, but its black, any idea what i could do to  make it look used??
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try using very dark metallic grey on highlighted areas? That's the first thing that comes to mind for me. Good luck (though you've probably finished by now haha)
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thanks! and no i'm not ah a i'm still working on the last pieces 
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Wow, that turned out fantastically! ^o^ Very well done, and very helpful too. Thank you for sharing!
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How did you get it shiny in the first place?
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Chrome spray paint. It's much better than 'silver' spray paint, which tends to be less shiny.
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awesome! wish id known how to do this when I made mine


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