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Ancient Dragons

By Risachantag
This started off as a cloud study, but I added some pterosaur-inspired dragons for fun.

I often get teased by my friends for taking photos of clouds and being really distracted by odd cloud formations. They're pretty, okay? Anyway, I used one of my photos as reference so... hah! Worth it.

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:D Soaring High! :3
Kiire's avatar
This is super pretty! The cloud reference definitely shines through. :D I love how you did the wings on him, it reminds me a bunch of a stained glass wall. It's super pretty! My girlfriends the same when it comes to cloud references, so maybe after this I won't tease her so much for taking them! x'D
Tsuki54's avatar
Very simple yet beautiful awesome work
Drangir's avatar
Very simple idea, great details, astonishing but fitting to the whole picture background. High class!  
mdchan's avatar
Cloud formations are cool.  My dad likes taking pictures of them, too (and I like looking at them; there's something calming about it).
Helvende's avatar
Amazing! I love it! Beautiful atmosphere and light!
Wedge009's avatar
Pah! Let them tease. As you've so wonderfully demonstrated, it's worth the effort. Thanks for sharing.
playstyle's avatar
AMAZING.... great work.
Shadow0wolf5's avatar
I have to admit I love watching clouds.  They make me happy and I don't really care what people think of that.
HeavensChaos's avatar
The clouds are just gorgeous, and I'm honestly mesmerized by the patter of you pterosaur-inspired dragon!
jbskycastle's avatar
things like your friend simply can't appreciate the oddness and yet exciting enjoyment of looking at clouds. ( Which also leads me to believe that you often daydream of flying in the sky.) But this came out really well. You have worked the colors and tones in very well to give us the illusion of really nice puffy clouds. And including dinosaur like dragons really complements the entire composition.
HatterMatter's avatar
The lovely clouds! The lovely dino-dragons! o

Why must I have no money... Really Sad 
Toradh's avatar
Lovely design and wonderful, wonderful clouds!
Blaze-Typhoon's avatar
I love it, Dargons are awesome, I mean dragons
Crimson-Werecat's avatar
black-white-check's avatar
Gorgeous! I love looking at and photographing clouds, too, they're magnificent ;3;
R-Doll's avatar
Amazing imagery. It has a sense of wonder and calm atmosphere. Nice dragons, too.
ParadiseFever's avatar
Oh, this is really good! I really love the atmosphere around this; the sense of freedom and serenity.
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