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Amaterasu Video

Here's my Amaterasu puppet in action! =) She loves being scratched under the chin.

Also... her tail wags! Unfortunately we didn't get a video of that.

Filmed by ~Shastachan
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One for me, please!
ProGoTarp's avatar
did you make it yourself?
or do you know were to get one??
This is wonderful! Your making-of and the final cosplay are fantastic, but it is your puppeteering that blows me away. You really are a natural: not many people are able to give such personality to a puppet. I know veteran puppeteers who barely manage to get that much life into their performances. 

If you sent this video as an audition, you would stand a -very- good chance of getting work in a show.  Hey, isn't New Zealand/WETA just a short flight away? (<--seriously!)

Thanks for sharing all this!
Deltorafan's avatar
Can I have one? :D So cuuuuuuuuute
Beautiful work; I bow to your greatness. :)
TheForgottenImp's avatar
wow! Incredible movement!
it moves so real its unbelievable good work you make me want to make one!
Maggy-mitchi's avatar
Oh my !!! She looks so real !!! And what a lovely smile !!! :la:
CrazyWolf712's avatar
For the first few seconds, I thought she was real... That's the only thing that could've made this awesomer! Really cool guys!
Saridim's avatar
thats really cool
BirdOfDeStars's avatar
Ists so amazing!
BlueC4t's avatar
Wow! It's awesome!
WildeMaehne's avatar
Fantastic, Awesome, wonderful, magnificent etc. Really cool how you let it move like a real wolf. It seems so alive. You can be really proud of yourself for creating such a great puppet.
Soul-Wolf-Of-Spirits's avatar
how did you make this?
i just wants to pets it now!
Dark-Angel167's avatar
That is amazing 
WolfOkamiPaint7's avatar
oh my gosh

where can i get one 
decemberdix's avatar
Wow! The way it moves is just like a real dog! Well done, and excellent craftsmanship!!
Sou-the-Cat's avatar
omg...this...this is so awesome! it looks so real!!!
I just wanna pet it...just wow
this made my day ♥
Resy-Wenlovek-Rem's avatar
<'D Dog tieo nleyg play well love enjoyed it
Stardust-skies's avatar
I showed this to some of my friends and they simply melted--including the guysLove 
Risachantag's avatar
D'awww, that's lovely, I'm glad you and your friends enjoyed it.
Miriam-the-Fox's avatar
This is brilliant! Great job on this :heart:
Looks so life like
pamez748's avatar
I WANT ONE.......
im making one
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