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The Parent Trap - Teen Titans Style ch 8
The Parent Trap – Teen Titans Style Chapter 8
By Risa-chan22
The group finds themselves in quite a jam.
“So Riley is a twin,” said Terra while looking at both girls. Then she pointed at Raven and said, “You were married to him.” She then pointed at Gar.
“Sadly yes,” stated Raven. This got a hurt look from Gar.
“Why sadly Rae?” asked Gar.
“It’s Raven and yes because it didn’t work out well for us,” explained Raven.
“I could of,” whispered Gar. This got Raven’s attention.
The girls both looked at each other and back at their parents. Things weren’t going the way they planned.
“Mom and dad are both fighting,” said Allie.
“Terra is a problem too,” said Riley.
“Why not set them up for dinner for two?” suggested Dick.
“Oh yes that might work,” said Kori to Dick.
“Yeah that might work,” said Allie and Riley. Now they had a new pla
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The Parent Trap - Teen Titans Style ch 7
The Parent Trap – Teen Titans Style Chapter 7
By Risa-chan22
The hotel was crowded when Gar, Kori and Allie made it there. Gar was supposed to meet Terra there to meet her father. Gar was nervous to say the least.
Allie and Kori make their way toward the elevator when they ran into Terra.
“Oh Riley, nice to see you again. You too Kori,” said Terra.
“Hi,” said Allie in a monotone voice. This pissed off Terra to no end because it reminded her of someone she couldn’t stand.
“Where’s you dad?” asked Terra through greeted teeth.
“Oh right dad, he’s over there,” pointed Allie.
Terra then strutted toward the direction Allie had pointed to.
Gar was wondering where Terra was just as she made her way to him.
“Hey Gar,” stated Terra while hugging him, “My dad is so looking forward to meeting you.”
“Really?” laughed Gar nervously, “Where is he then?”
“Oh he’ll be her
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The Parent Trap - Teen Titans Style ch 6
The Parent Trap – Teen Titans Style Chapter 6
By Risa-chan22
The world seemed to stand still for Allie.
“What? You can’t get married!” yelled Allie, “This is messed up!”
She then started to yell in French before Gar stopped her.
“Whoa was that French? I didn’t know you spoke French,” said Gar, “Now what was that in English please.”
Taking a deep breathe Allie looked at Gar.
“I’m ok now dad and don’t worry about it. I learned it at camp,” said Allie trying to be calm.
“Ok whatever you say honey,” said Gar, “Anyway about the camping trip, do you want to go to the lake like always or somewhere new this year?”
“What camping trip?” asked Allie now confused.
“The one we take every year before school starts,” said Gar.
“Oh that camping trip. Anything fine as long as it’s with you dad,” said Allie.
“Alright Riley the lake it is,
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The Parent Trap - Teen Titans Style ch 5
The Parent Trap – Teen Titans Style Chapter 5
By Risa-chan22
On the car ride home Allie couldn’t stop looking at Gar.
“Do I have something on my face,” joked Gar.
“Oh no dad I just missed you that’s all,” said Allie.
“Ok whatever you say Riley,” said Gar.
The rest of the car ride was uneventful. They pulled up to the house and got out of the car. The house was a large pale yellow building. Down the road from it was the restaurant that Gar owned. The land was covered with vast amounts of plants and rocks. Plenty of room to run and play plus a large pool the size of a small lake. Allie was amazed by the sheer size of the place.
‘My sister has it made,’ thought Allie as she looked around. Next thing Allie knew she was being crushed in a hug.
“Oh how I have missed you Riley,” said Koriandr or Kori for short.
“You’re crushing me,” Allie struggled to say.
“Oh sorry my little bumgof,”
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The Parent Trap - Teen Titans Style ch 4
The Parent Trap – Teen Titans Style Chapter 4
By Risa-chan22
Allie wasn’t sure about this anymore after the ear piercing. Riley tried to reinsure her that everything will be worth it in the end. Their main plan was to get their parents back together.
“Ok this is the handshake again,” explained Allie to Riley.
First was the handshake, then clapping your hands together, next clap your hands with each other. The next step was to wave you fingers away from each other. Finally you bump fists before shaking hands again.
“Ok I think I got it,” said Riley after successfully preforming the handshake.
The girls spent the next few weeks teaching each other about the other’s lives. Before they knew it, it was time to leave camp and go home.
“Are you sure this is everything?” asked Riley as she carried her bag to the car for Allie.
“Yes for the thousandth time, it’ll be fine just remember what we talked about,” said Allie whil
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The Parent Trap - Teen Titans Style ch 3
The Parent Trap – Teen Titans Style Chapter 3
By Risa-chan22
The next few hours were pure torture for both girls. Neither girl said a word to each other. The silence was killing Riley, who was usually always talking. Allie sat quietly reading a book on her bed while Riley was pacing in circles around her side of the cabin.
“Argh say something this silence is driving me nuts!” yelled Riley in frustration. Allie looked up from her book and said, “What I’m reading find something to do yourself.”
This was not what Riley thought she’d say. She thought she’s ruffle her feathers some to fight back but nothing.
“What’s wrong with you?” asked Riley now confused.
“What’s wrong with you is more like it,” said Allie while going back to her book.
“What’s that you’re reading anyway?” asked Riley.
“Oh this, it’s a copy of my mother’s book. She’s a famous author,”
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The Parent Trap - Teen Titans Style ch 2
The Parent Trap – Teen Titans Style Chapter 2
By Risa-chan22
Later that night at cabin number twenty-two, the girls gathered to watch a poker match. Allie and Amy were playing poker with 5 other girls. Allie was kicking butt and was the reigning champion until Riley showed up with Lucy.
“Who’s in?” asked Allie who was currently winning.
“I am,” stated Riley proudly.
“Ok California let’s play,” said Allie smugly.
“Fine by me England,” said Riley.
The cards were dealt out five per person. Allie looked at her cards and turned in two. She then drew two more while smiling smugly. Riley too looked at her cards and turned in three. She drew 3 more and got a cocky grin on her face.
“Ok what do you have?” asked Allie.
“Why don’t we make this more interesting, loser jumps in the lake,” said Riley.
“Ok,” agreed Allie.
“Buck naked,” said Riley smiling like a hyena.
“Fine b
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The Parent Trap - Teen Titans Style ch 1
The Parent Trap – Teen Titans Style Chapter 1
By Risa-chan22
The air in North Carolina was crisp this morning as the buses made their way down the road to Jump camp. Girls from all over the world were getting ready for the next eight weeks of fun. Swimming, fishing, arts and crafts were only some of the activities.
One girl about eleven years old with short hair got off the bus looking around in awe. This marks her first summer away from home. ‘This was going to be fun’ she thought. She looked around for her bag, the dark purple one. Not seeing it she started to walk around looking for it. She ran into something or someone hard.
“Oh sorry about that…I…uh was looking for my bag,” explained the girl.
“Oh that’s ok I wasn’t looking where I was going sorry,” said the tie dyed girl. This girl was tall for her age and just as strong.
“Nice to meet you I’m Riley Logan,” said Riley.
“Ditto I’m Lucy
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kenshin and kaoru 2 by Risa-chan22 kenshin and kaoru 2 :iconrisa-chan22:Risa-chan22 2 0 Kenshin and Kaoru by Risa-chan22 Kenshin and Kaoru :iconrisa-chan22:Risa-chan22 1 2
Winter Surprises
Winter Surprises -Risa-chan22
Gray Fullbuster was walking toward the Fairy Tail guild building when he ran into another member Juvia Loxar.
“Hey Juvia,” greeted Gray to Juvia.
“Gray-sama good morning,” said Juvia smiling. She’s holding a big bag full of something for the guild.
“What do you have there, Juvia?” asked Gray now curious.
“Oh this,” she says holding up the bag, “It’s a surprise.”
“A surprise huh?” said Gray playfully, “Well let’s go to the guild to see what it is shall we.”
“Ok,” replied Juvia with a smile.
-At Fairy Tail Guild Hall-
Gray and Juvia made it to the guild hall. Juvia looked ready to burst with excitement.
“Everyone Juvia has a surprise for all of you,” shouted Juvia. She then opened the bag to reveal multiple muti-colored scarves.
“Juvia made them herself,” stated Juvia proudly.
She then began to distribute them to eve
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Snowflakes -Risa-chan22
Juvia Loxar was watching it snow outside the Fairy Tail guild hall thinking. Christmas was coming very soon and she wasn’t sure what to get Gray Fullbuster, her love interest, or any of her friends at the guild.
For Lucy and Levy, books were an obvious choice. Gajeel wouldn’t care what she got him. Natsu and Happy she wasn’t sure about. She wanted to bake a cake for Erza. Mirajane and the others she was drawing a blank at too.
Then it came to her, won’t everyone be surprised. She then got up and left to prepare for Christmas.
-Christmas Eve-
Juvia was the last one to show up for Fairy Tail’s Christmas party.
She had many things to carry so Wendy and Carla were helping her carry them all.
Everyone was sure surprised when they saw Juvia’s Christmas feast she made for everyone. She even made cake for Erza. Each and every guild member got a gift box from Juvia as well. Inside was a handmade trinket.
Gray was the last to rec
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As Snow Falls pt 2
As Snow Falls - Pt 2 -Risa-chan22
It was fairly cold outside the next morning when Juvia woke up. She was sleeping on something warm yet cold at the same time.
Juvia opened her eyes to find that something was someone. Shocked she bolted up to find
Gray sleeping in her bed with her.
Her tears fell as she watched the snow fall outside. A gentle hand came up to wipe them away. She looked into Gray’s eyes to see that he understood her feelings.
Gray led her to her bed to lie down with her, to keep her company until she fell asleep. He ended up asleep with her ironically.
-End of Flashback-
Juvia fought back her urge to hug him in fear that this was just a dream.
Just then Gray began to wake up. He was startled at first but then remembered what happened the night before.
“Hey Juvia, you feeling better?” asked Gray.
“Juvia feels drained but ok,” answered Juvia.
“That’s good at least things can move forward now,” said Gray.
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As Snow Falls
As Snow Falls –Risa-chan22
It was cold outside, about 9 degrees Fahrenheit. Juvia watched the snow fall outside her window as she thought of Gray. Things have been quiet since the fight with Tarotaros. Juvia kept thinking back to all the ones lost during the fight.
There was a soft knock on her door that jarred her from her thoughts. Juvia couldn’t think of whom that it could be at her door in this weather.
She slowly got up from her chair by the window to see who it was. She got the surprise of her life when Gray Fullbuster was at her door.
“Hey Juvia, um can I talk to you a while?” asked Gray.
“Gray-sama...Of course come in,” said Juvia still shocked to see him out in this weather.
Sighing as he came in while whipping his feet of snow. He looked around her small room, which was full of lace. Her bed was canopied and looked soft to the touch. She had two small love seats both blue in shade, a desk and chair which looked antique. The coffee
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Fiore Academy of Magic ch 2
Fiore Academy of Magic Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Opening Ceremonies
By noon the headmaster, The Celestial Spirit King, called for everyone’s attention.
“Welcome to another year at Fiore Academy,” said the headmaster, “I hope you all find the feast to your liking.”
“We welcome Freed Justine as teacher of study of ancient runes and Bickslow as teacher of frog choir,” he continued, “Now let’s eat!”
After the opening statements were said, everyone was free to chat and eat.
Levy and I got as much food on our plates as possible, since we haven’t had breakfast. Natsu and Gray were across our table having an eating contest.
Erza was yelling angrily at the others who were causing disturbances.
Same old, same old, something never change in Fiore Academy.
Blue Pegasus house table was just as rowdy today. Hibiki Lates, Eve Tearm and Ren Akatsuki were flirting with all the girls as always.
Beth Vanderwood liked the attention but cou
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Will to Live - Spoilers to Fairy Tail ch 414
Will to Live
Lucy POV
I couldn't believe what just happened. Right in front of him. I have a need to hold him even though he's so far away.
Normal POV
Lucy  ran toward  Natsu as  fast as her injured  body could make it. She fell and cried  for him because she knew how she felt.
She got up as fast as she could. Gripping  him from behind as he cried for his father. All she could  do was be there for him like he was for her.
Slowly the tears stopped and he just stood there losing his will to move and live without Igneel.
Lucy made him turn around to find s blank look. The look broke her heart. She could only think of this to say to him.
"Your never alone as long as you have your friends Natsu," a smiling Lucy said to Natsu. It was what he told her when she found out about her own father's death.
"Lucy..." stated a confused Natsu. After a few minutes of looking around himself he smiles and says,"Thanks Lucy you weirdo."
With  those kind words Natsu g
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My gallery and this isn't even half of all my drawings :)


Catastrophic Page 8 by CardcaptorKatara Catastrophic Page 8 :iconcardcaptorkatara:CardcaptorKatara 12 2 Catastrophic Page 7 by CardcaptorKatara Catastrophic Page 7 :iconcardcaptorkatara:CardcaptorKatara 19 4 Ladybug vs Chat (Noir) Blanc page 98 by Ankyuubi Ladybug vs Chat (Noir) Blanc page 98 :iconankyuubi:Ankyuubi 62 22 Bbrae Sketchdump 9 by shock777 Bbrae Sketchdump 9 :iconshock777:shock777 192 22 Catastrophic Page 6 by CardcaptorKatara Catastrophic Page 6 :iconcardcaptorkatara:CardcaptorKatara 23 4 Catastrophic Page 5 by CardcaptorKatara Catastrophic Page 5 :iconcardcaptorkatara:CardcaptorKatara 22 5 Catastrophic Page 4 by CardcaptorKatara Catastrophic Page 4 :iconcardcaptorkatara:CardcaptorKatara 20 2 Ladybug vs Chat (Noir) Blanc page 97 by Ankyuubi Ladybug vs Chat (Noir) Blanc page 97 :iconankyuubi:Ankyuubi 69 21 Catastrophic Page 3 by CardcaptorKatara Catastrophic Page 3 :iconcardcaptorkatara:CardcaptorKatara 19 5 Catastrophic Page 2 by CardcaptorKatara Catastrophic Page 2 :iconcardcaptorkatara:CardcaptorKatara 19 11 Miraculous ladybug Unreceived PAGE 135 by Hogekys Miraculous ladybug Unreceived PAGE 135 :iconhogekys:Hogekys 175 34 Catastrophic Page 1 by CardcaptorKatara Catastrophic Page 1 :iconcardcaptorkatara:CardcaptorKatara 23 8 Ladybug vs Chat (Noir) Blanc page 96 by Ankyuubi Ladybug vs Chat (Noir) Blanc page 96 :iconankyuubi:Ankyuubi 94 58 Ladybug vs Chat (Noir) Blanc page 95 by Ankyuubi Ladybug vs Chat (Noir) Blanc page 95 :iconankyuubi:Ankyuubi 75 33 Ladybug vs Chat (Noir) Blanc page 94 by Ankyuubi Ladybug vs Chat (Noir) Blanc page 94 :iconankyuubi:Ankyuubi 81 18 Miraculous ladybug Unreceived PAGE 134 by Hogekys Miraculous ladybug Unreceived PAGE 134 :iconhogekys:Hogekys 137 25
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I have had it with my father! He can't respect my sister or me, then he can stay out of my life! My uncles are nothing like him and I can see how he is related to them. I'm washing my hands of him and his wife who think I'm a convenience to them. They only see me and my sister when they feel like it and I'm done with the bullsh*t!

I will still be in contact with my uncles but not them. My grandparents wouldn't believe how he treats us.
Sorry for the rant >_<

feeling aggravated.



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