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How to make Calne Ca's mouthpiece

By Rirukuo
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I've been asked by several people how I made calne ca's mouthpiece. Well, here's a tutorial for you guys :3
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Thank you for this! It'll be soo helpful in the nearby future
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Thank you, that´s awesome!
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OMFG Thank You so FUCKING much for this. I have been thinking so long about this till the idea of using the internet 
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i've got a question , in the video it shows that the shorter ones (the claws ) are between the long ones and the front ones. if i may ask respectfully why they're not like that or did i see wrong???
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i'm going to do a male version of calne ca for halloween and post some pictures of it this summer , i hope to show you.
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Thank you soo much for the tutorial!
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!FINALLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm going to test this out on my school foundation cosplay!

P.S. Is there a tutorial for the arms?
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Cool, would love to see how it turns out!

I haven't made the arms yet, and I haven't found any good tutorials, but you could try searching google^^
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*thank you for this
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you're welcome!
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It looks to me like you could really use anything for her "teeth" so long as you pierce the mask with it.

wood, plastic & vinyl molds, etc. instead of clay, since clay is really quite heavy. I'm going to try that, Seems quite interesting, and possibly diverse.

Any Idea how to make her Large arm? I've got a basic structure down, but I want to be able move her "fingers"... Internal cords perhaps?*mutters on about all the little, internal workings*

All in all, Its a really nice guide. you covered how to do it, how you solved any problems you came up with and made it pretty simple without using drastic and expensive materials. Two thumbs up!
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I know, if I had made the mask today I would have used friendly plastic. But The clay is really light and durable, that's why I used it.

If you want moving fingers you could try searching for tutorials for Vi's (LoL) hands? There's a lot of good tutorials for her hands with different methods for getting the mechanics inside the hands right, and you can apply that technique to calne ca's hands, too.

Thanks for the feedback:D And good luck with you're cosplay! 
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I DIDN'T THINK OF VI! THANK YOU! You get Three Gold stars for being an amazing person!
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hahaha, NP xD<3
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This is awesome. If you don't mind me asking, Do you know how much clay you used for this?
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So sorry for the late reply! I used very little clay. Maybe a handfull?
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It's alright. ^^ And Thank you. I've been trying to figure out how much to order.
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I love it! This will help a lot for my upcoming cosplay. :3
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I'm so happy its helpful!:D
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Thank you for posting it!
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I always wanted to know this! Thank you so much!
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