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Map of Arkham Massachusetts 1775

The town of Arkham on the Miskatonic river, as created by horror writer H P Lovecraft, re-imagined for the late colonial era.

I will post a better quality scan when I can get to an A2 scanner.
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Are you selling prints of this piece?
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This is beautiful (it's Andy Miller from the RPPR fb page).  I'd LOVE to see a higher quality!  I would also pay for a high-quality print.
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when will a print be available?
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Any chance a high quality scan or print of the final version may still turn up?
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Well achieved old fashioned style. And that editing you mention speaks well of your way to work, and your interest in the details.
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Thank you for your comments!

I hope the next couple of maps manage the same look, but with better research.
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Thank you, I hope I've got the hang of it now, as I've got a few more maps to sort through... This time I'll do my homework first though.
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Wow, you've done an awesome job with this = finding our way to Eldritch Horrors should be easy now! :D
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Just head up the Northern Road until you reach Meadow Hill, and remember every Tuesday Night is Coven Night.
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Haha = awesomeness! :D
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So, I have recently and reliably been informed that Turnpikes weren't in use in Massachusetts in the 1770s... Also that Aylesbury has been written about as founded in 1802.

Which means that when I get the better quality scan up, I may have some editing to do...
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