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Detail of Map of Arkham Massachusetts 1775

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Magnificent. Am very impressed with the level of detail and would love to have this as a print. Well done sir!
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Actually went to the effort to sign up to comment. Bravo!
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Now time to put up some of your own work!
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Sorry for the delay in posting, but I've had some difficulty in getting the map scanned at the right resolution. As its A2 size this has proven tricky for most printers in my area.

I've managed to get a half decent scan that I'll put up soon, but its nowhere good enough to sell as a print yet, so feel free to just download for now.

I'm also discussing getting this and other maps published, but more on that later.
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Fantastic work. Will you be making prints available?
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Thank you!

At present I want to get a better quality scan up, which I may make available as a print... Though I might try and get this published elsewhere as well or instead.

I will let you know by Monday.
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Thanks, and best of luck if you do try to get this published. If Chaosium doesn't jump on this for their upcoming new edition of Call of Cthulhu, they're fools.
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This is so amazing.  I want to grab a magnifying glass and spend hours peering at it!  A wonderful, subtle piece of Lovecraftiana.  <3
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Thank you for you comment!

As soon as I can get it scanned (Monday at the earliest), I'll put up a better quality jpg.
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