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I did an entry for the Inception cover contest here at DA.. I've been pretty busy with freelance and work, so I didn't have a lot of time to finish it. (plus it one of those times when I started the cover it was a hard switch from what I was doing previously, so I didn't feel my creative mind was totally in balance and cranking)

Inception Cover B by riq

I've already dissected the image myself looking for ways to improve.. If you have any other comments about how to improve it, please do share..

if not, just take a look.


Okay.. If you like comics you have to.. HAVE TO.. HAAAAAAVE TOO looke at the Avengers Assemble webseries. www.avengersassembletheseries.…

And it's not just because my good friends

Mature Content

The Red Skull by FireBurns1
and studiomate star in it.. It's because my TALENTED friends and studio mate star in it.

So you say talented.. yeah right.. Well both of them worked on the Walking Dead as well as FAST and Furious 5. So they have talent sewn up pretty well.

But that aside. It's hilarious!! Please, give yourself an early Christmas gift and go to the website and check out the 5 episodes they've done. They're like 5 minutes each, so they won't take up much of your time.

Do it for me.. do it for yourself. do it for Freedom. If you don't hate freedom you check out this series. Do you hate Freedom.. really?..... ass.

nuff said.
Yep.. I'm in the Gutters today Okay.. no, obviously nothing is wrong. In Fact everything is right..

"The Gutters" is a comic centered online parody series. Created by Blind Ferret Entertainment, they feature three artists every week, mon, tues and fri,  to illustrate a funny/sarcastic viewpoint about comics and the comic industry.

And I illustrated tomorrow's strip.. so stop by The Gutters and take a look.…
Go to this link and find out more.…

I've recently update my website so you can order commission right there. Yes.. No extra clickin or questions.. Just right there.

I doubt this break in technology will move you, but there also is a gallery of my commissions over the years.. The painted one's that is.( I've stopped doing pen and ink. Not as much fun for me)

Bat Woman 50's era by riq

Please stoop by and talk a look at the gallery, and forward to anyone who wants cool painted artwork..  


Hi All. This is my first time taking commission from DA. I'll be sitting around at Dragon Con this weekend and I plan on doing a lot of drawing..

Might as well get paid for it yes.. Well, I'm open to taking commissions from any that are interested.. Look at the commissions section in my gallery to see what to expect.

I'd like to be accessible to any that might want some original art from me so I'm doing the following:

6x6in BW watercolor Headshots $25 and Color %40.

Full size BW watercolor( around 8.5 x 11) $50.

Full figure watercolors, full color, $100.

And if you have a special request we can work something out.

****Please do pass the word****

( It's for a good cause too. This is mainly for my wife's college costs, so any commission is greatly appreciated )
Okay.. I'm forced to address this issue- more in the interest of finding away around this sucky interface..

Remember when, on DA of course, when people you watched added a new pic, it would jump first in line of your previews.. And you could scroll thru and see all the new, cool stuff from your homies..

Now I never know when people have updated with new pics- the same ole' pic stays on top of that person's "stack".. And now when I click to see what's new- I'm not ever sure what's the most current shite!

I don't spend that much time on DA, and maybe there are some settings or things I just don't understand..

Any help would be appreciated. Also if you'd like to rant about the same thing, please feel free.

I get the feeling I'm missing out on a lot of cool art.. and i'm irate..

Check out Archer on FX networks tonight at 10. I'm working as an illustrator on this show, but I didn't start until episode 6, so you won't find me in the credit until another month or so.

Here are some great reviews of the show..…

note-show is not appropriate for kids.

[seems that my first journal entry is a shameless plug.. Oh what a whore I am!]

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