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Eclipse Phase: Cramped

Created for the an Eclipse Phase RPG book.
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Great job!
wasn't it in Panopticon?

Slytheroid morphs aren't that handy in such close quarters, are they?
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Yep, you're right. It was in Panopticon.

I wouldn't think a Slitheroid would be handy in that space, but I think the idea is they don't have a choice..

chris-illustrator's avatar
Nice job on this. 
And Snakes are good swimmers, so that kind of locomotion might translate well to moving in Zero G.
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I hope they'll commission you a Flexbot, I'm really curious to see how you would render it
The way I describe it is straight out of the videogame Vanquish, a small bot with the cortical stack, attracting other objects and absorbing them, forming the tall synth morph