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Guardian Angel - Mass Effect 2
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Published: May 22, 2010
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Not much to say. Shepard, Tali, and Garrus watching a sunset on Illium before going through the Omega 4 Relay. Catching that one last calm, just before the storm. Wanted to do a familial piece. Garrus and Tali have been with Shepard since day one, and have stuck by him through both games, and will in 3. Best characters in the game.

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So glad I just found this again! It was my all time favorite back in ME2’s heyday.
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Instant fave. Great work on capturing a great moment.
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LoneCarbineerStudent General Artist
I think out of all the Mass Effect art I've seen on this site, this one is my favorite. I don't know what it is, just something about these three being together.
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Archangel=king of the third-wheeling XD
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Poor Garrus gets left out of all the snuggles. 
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i agree best char in the game
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This is really good, and is how my squad in game usually turns out, I take those two pretty much everywhere with me, they're my alien BFFs, and depending on which gender I'm playing for Shepard one of them is my romance. But yeah, good picture, I love the lighting, and you captured the characters very well, Tali looks especially comfortable and herself lounging on Shepard XD
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I'am going through the relay as we speak and it is a bumpy ride.
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Sweet looking pic.
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Just so you know, I had this downloaded almost a year ago from a random search on google. It was a very crappy resolution, but it still was my background on both my laptop and my Xbox. I only now found your original, and this is even more amazing than I thought it was. Great work!
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I had Tali and Jack as my final squad. Would have done Tali and Garrus, but I was reading online how to make sure I could get Geth-Quarian peace, and found out Jack would have died, as I had sent Mordin back with Chakwas, Kelly, Kenneth and Gabby.

Conclusion: Fuck that human reaper, it's a lot harder when your teammates have shotguns and pistols.
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RolueVasReisaProfessional Writer
Probably one of my favorite picsc i've ever seen on this site and one of the sweetest most romantic, Tali and Shepard make the greatest couple in Mass Effect =) <3
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Keelah! I've seen it ages ago and didn't save anywhere. Later I was trying to find it countless times. And I finally managed! Love this one!!!
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I'm pretty sure they'd all be okay with a threesome lols.
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CaptainMazdaProfessional Digital Artist
So while his Normandy crew are being processed alive by Collectors, Shepard and his crew are taking time off to enjoy a sunset. He better hope news of this doesn't reach Alliance brass.
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Ah my favorite two team mates Tali (My love interest) and Garrus (My bro). This picture=E=Mc2 doesn't compute
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Oh, Garrus forever alone =3
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Black-Bird-ZaidenHobbyist Artist
Tali and Garrus were the only real members from Mass Effect 1 that trusted Shepard in Mass Effect 2. Too bad Wrex couldn't come though.
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FalcotteHobbyist Digital Artist
That's just lovely =)
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I agree, these guys are always my squad. I love tali, and Garus is just the guy you know will watch your back.
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This is a masterpiece.
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Garrus the third wheel. Go back to calibration! lol
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