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Mon Aug 16, 2010, 12:53 AM
So I haven't been dead. Or sick. I've just been busy with RL stuff, like my husband and kid. And work, ugh. In fact, I haven't been drawing anything except for a tattoo for my stepdad.

I have to be in a certain mood to be able to draw. It's usually obtained by drinking coffee and listening to music, but lately all I've been listening to have been my son playing. The little bugger is already too smart for his lazy mom's liking: He can unlock his dad's smartphone and start the videos with him. He can turn on the TV and, if only stupid mom wouldn't throw a fit and let him keep the knife he keeps stealing, he can chop vegetables when I'm in the kitchen. A meat cleaver is a little too much for a year and a half old boy, though =(

But, I'm finally on vacation, grandma is picking up Franky tomorrow and who knows: Maybe I'll get some drawing done.

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My computer keeps on freezing up. Hopefully, my darling husband can fix it during the weekend, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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So, finally my old scanner, which I bought used for around $20 nearly ten years ago, died. Or. It didn't die, but when I got my new computer, it wouldn't acknowledge it for some reason. But no big loss there, I've been meaning to get a new one for a while.

It should arrive Monday so I can get the new Human Remains-page scanned along with a new drawing.

Now, I'm fully aware of my own lazyness when it comes to finishing new pages. The big time-consumer is coloring, though, so I've been playing around with the idea of getting someone else to do it for me. I have to warn any takers, though: I'm insanely hard to please ;P

But if anyone is interested, send me a note and we'll work something out. I'm willing to pay, if the prize is right.

Also, if I can get over my 4-chan induced paranoia, I might post some pictures of my family, so that you faithful watchers can see, how the demonspawn i.e. my son looks like.
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I am now the proud mother of a wonderful little 5-week old boy. Up until the birth, I did very little else than relax and wait impatiently for the arrival of my son.

I'm not going to indulge You in any details about the actual grueling 13.5 hours of labour, but I will say that it was all worth it.

Little Frank is the Worlds most adorable boy, who sleeps all night and only throws a tantrum when I don't feed him fast enough.

But I haven't had much time to draw. WOW is my only drug and passtime at the moment. That, and spending time on 4Chan...

So, in case You were wondering why I've been even more absent, this is why.
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So, some of you have displayed concern as to why I haven't updated this gallery or Human Remains for a long, long time.

Long story short: I'm 8 months pregnant and still maintaining a fulltime job.

I'm tired.

When I get home, I take a shower and crash in front of the tv. That's about all I have the strength for. Well, and maintaining a relationship with my husband, let's not forget about him!

But that's about the gist of it. How any of you can handle school, a job and still update on a regular basis is beyond me.
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Human Remains is now updated with a new page, and the error that ~Hidden-Traveler was kind enough to let me know about has been fixed.

In other news, I went and got married to my boyfriend of three years on the 4th of April. And about a month later, we found out that I'm pregnant. Guess that PCOS wasn't as serious as we thought!

More details, and pictures, over at Human Remains. Just click the link under my DevID.
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I'm sure God called him home because he was ready for a good laugh. And maybe some advice...

Have fun on the great stage in the sky, mr. Carlin. You will be missed.
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It's back!

Well, the site is. I've changed the design and uploaded a few new pictures, but the comic isn't exactly updated per se...

But go check it out anyway!
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Or Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. That's what my menstrual problem turned out to be.

For a longer explanation, go to Wikipedia and do a search. The shorter version is, that I have grown too fat for my ovaries to work properly. My weight at the time of my doctor's appointment was 195 lbs or 89 kg. My height is 5'7'' or 1.7 m.

I know, I'm obviously overweight but it came as a bit of a chock when my sister-in-law weighs at least 60 lbs more than me, and she just gave birth to boy number three...

Anyways, I was told to loose 20 lbs and I would spontaneously become pregnant. My boyfriend and I found this very amusing. His response:

"Oh, so now I don't have to do a thing. Great!"

Now, a month later I've lost about 8 lbs. It's not much but it's a start. It's a bitch having to say goodbye to chocolate, chips and beer and hello to carrots, apples and broccoli, but it helps that I can use my proffessional training to make some great dishes.

That's it for now, I guess.
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So, just an update to inform people that I am not dead. Just really lazy and/or busy with other unimportant stuff like work, my boyfriend and basically trying to maintain.

I'm currently in a rut, art-wise. I have lots of ideas, just not any will to get them down on paper.  My webpage is left in limbo along with my comic, which is terrible because I really do want to keep updating it. I just have too many excuses not to...

Like my health. My boyfriend and I are trying to get me pregnant, which is a fun and never tedious task. Exhausting, but never boring! Last October, I stopped having my periods and immediately assumed buns were in the oven. Three pregnancy test at the doctor's office later (and a somewhat clumsy attempt to make me feel better by one of the secretaries), I was instead convinced that I was either A: Willing myself to not have periods, which made me feel like a total ass, or B: Suffering from every nasty disease that involved uteri, ranging from harmless water cysts to the big C. I got an appointment at a gynocologist but no sooner than three months later (March, actually). Now, it's one thing not knowing why my body isn't working correctly. It's a tad worse when I then DO have my period this month after four months of absolutely nothing.

Sorry for the groseness of this part. It bugs the Hell out of me.

Otherwise, things are fairly okay in the state of Denmark.

MY personal part of it, at least.

Not the rest of the Country.

That part has gone to Hell. But you can read about that in the international news-section of your newspaper.

More info about me to come.

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Well, 27th birthday came and went and I feel old...!!

And to top it all of, Mr. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome paid another visit...

You bastard!!!

What's next?! A walker?! A wheel chair?! A 19 year old physical assistant trainee with huge muscles and even bigger stamina?!

Wait, that's..... I have a boyfriend but, damn... eyecandy is always appreciated.

No eyecandy for the senior cityzen? Please...?!
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Haven't updated this since March, so I better get to it...!

List of major happenings and other made up words:

1. I finally moved in with my boyfriend. We've been together for more than 2 years so it was about time.

2. I got a new job within 2 weeks of living here which was a big surprise, but very nice and a good boost to my ego. They called me, after all.

3. I managed to burn my hand while cooking for my boyfriend and his friend. Very embarrassing and annoying, since I was already struggling with carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrist. Both are better now, though.

4. I'm in the middle of giving my website a new look. The design is somewhat different but not too unfamiliar. I'm really looking forward to finishing it and start updating my comic again.

I think that's about it. I know I don't update that often (and my being part of the CAM just went out the window, I know, I know!), but I try.
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I posted this over at fealasy's" and wanted to share it. If you're not Danish, it doesn't make much sense, though...

Ungdomshuset has been in the search lights for quite some time now, and the country is divided when it comes to supporting or condemning it. I know, that anyone who reads Fealasy's journal are passionate about aggreeing with her, but as a Dane I just have to voice my opinion about the whole situation.

You see, I think the users of Ungdomshuset have a valid reason for being there, occupying it and making it a refuge from the wourld surrounding it. BUT it was never theirs by law, not even if the city council promised to give it to them. SO even if it was a shitty thing to do, they had every legal right to sell it like they did. The city council did offer another house for Ungdomshuset to buy, but they refused. Apparently (and this is hearsay, so I'm not sure), Ungdomshuset wanted to buy it, but in a way that the city council would pay them back over a period of time.

I'm sorry, but when did it become commonplace for sales to happen like this?

Every club or organisation have to pay in some way for housing and resources. If they want funds from the city council or just the public, they have to proove that it's worth it in some way, and the users of Ungdomshuset has failed miserably at that.

I know, that the demonstrations got out of hand. I know, that the burning of cars and destruction of shop windows were mostly done by already hardened criminals and outsiders, people who weren't even regular users by Ungdomshuset. But you must have known they would be there.

I mean, come on! What did you think was going to happen?!

You go to a public demonstration where you know, that the police will appear. You know, they don't feel particularly good about you. And you know, that Danish law allows them to arrest all of you just for being there. It's kind of like "shoot'em all, sort'em out later" I know, but you should already know this.

The police are here to protect our community, and if bricks and other such crap are being hurled at them they have to react accordingly. After a number of days like this, I think it ought to be common logic not to do or say anything to provoke them. They are people just like you and me: The have a limit to their patience. And they have the authority to arrest you, even if you're within your rights.

I'd be happy to be shown the error of my opinion on this, but I refuse to pity people who go to a possibly violent situation and end up being surprised that they get arrested.

I mean, if you really wanted to get a new house, there are hundreds of ways to get it. But you decide to try by being as blatantly childish about it as you can....

And I know, I'm going to get a lot of flak for this, but that's okay. I live in a democracy and I believe in freedom of speech. I wouldn't spit out what I wasn't prepared to swallow.
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I'm feeling especially masochistic, so I have a request/challenge:

Send me a screencap of you hitting the 1000 pageviews on my page and I'll do an art-trade...

Details will follow after I'v discussed these with the 'lucky' fellow/fellowine.
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I don't know anything about the game... It's about rolling stuff, right?

Anyways, the first time I heard the name of the game, my mind translated Katamari to calamary: As in the Italian (I think) name for a dish with squid in it.

And knowing how my mind works, the game quickly turned into "Tentacle Monsters Gone Bad!"

Urutsokidoji turned into a game! That's so sick, I had to share it with ya'll!

Ever tried that? Listening to strange words and ending up imagining things no where related to the actual meaning of said word?

Please comment on this one, 'cause I'd love to hear how people react to stuff like that. And I know I'm not the only one, okay?
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My lovely, fantastic, great-in-bed-boyfriend arranged for me to have a new (used) computer.


There are some quirks and being the complete computer-illeterate that I am, I won't be able to scan anything for at least two weeks, because my husband-to-be  won't be visiting until then.

How's that for an excuse? Sorry.

And I'm not being sarcastic. Why can't we use big words like that without being mistaken for a bitch...? Something to ponder, while you wait for my drawings.
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Just wanted to let people know, that I've updated my comic over at Human Remains.
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So her we have it: The entries so far. I don't know about ya'll, but I hate deadlines as much as the next guy...

As long as people update 'eventually', it's okay 'bout me.………………

Waiting for it.

Yep, yep. Waiting...…

More to come, when they update!
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So, apparently I have the honor of chosing next week's CAM, even though I missed this week's....

And here it is:

You take a character from Disney's Winnie the Pooh.

Adjust your mind as if you've just watched any movie by Tim Burton or played American McGee's Alice or read one of Clive Barker's early books (these are not requirements, merely suggestions!) or just feel like being a sick, twisted little psychopath.

Draw or write about that character.

I want weird, I want deranged, I want every meaning of the word SICK!

A few conditions:

I've always imagined Eyore (spelling?) as an Emo/Goth kid, so you can't draw that.

And drawing Tigger as a flaming queer is also out of the question. No offence to the gay community, but it's just too easy.

Have fun with this one. I know, I will...

CAM'ers so far:

She hasn't concured ecplicitely, but I'll take it as a: "Count me in, Beeyatch!"

Made a comment, but I'll count' im in, too.

Joined the fun, as well. Poor guy...

Apparently only just found out about the CAM...

A newcomer, but everybody are welcome. The more, the merrier!

Still Pending

...And whoever hapless fool, not scared of battling the windmills of my mind. Join in, suckers!


I know, I know. A lot of changes to the journal entry, but people kept joining.

Another edit:

I uploaded my sick, Winne the Pooh picture...
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Uploaded my rendition of death. Must be the first one, but then again: It's nearly 6 p.m. here in Europe. People in America or Mexico are still at work or in school..

Anyways, I can't wait to read the comments, so bring'em on!
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