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Written by:  DWALKER1047 ( Founder, Ripped Art Task Force RATF ANNOUNCEMENT :thumb59828547: The RATF is taking a long breather at the moment due to some unfortunate circumstances with three out of 4 Administrators dealing with life-threatening illnesses, myself included.  So regrettably, I have decided that it would be in our best interest to take an extended break in order to recuperate and be able to resume our work for RATF at a later date, (sometime this summer is my goal). As founder of RATF, I have decided that our page on DA and External website ( shall remain active as it is an excellent
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The RATF is taking a long breather at the moment due to 3 of the Administrators dealing with life-threatening illnesses-so we need to take an extended break in order to recuperate and resume at a later date. The RATF page is still please continue your support of our project, and utilize the information contained on its pages to help your art theft issues. RATF has not forgotten about you....WE PROMISE!!! You are one of our most important concerns. Look at it this way....We had a lot, A LOT of art removed that was posted illegally. Even if we had only 1 piece of work was worth it! We currently estimate the removed a
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FRIENDS AND WATCHERS Due to all our friends and watchers we have overloaded our friends list!  It takes forever and the computer freezes for about three minutes each time we try to add more.  Since this is happening, we thought we'd create a page of our friends and watchers.  I hope they all fit on one journal page! :D EDIT: DUE TO THE LARGE NUMBER OF FRIENDS AND WATCHERS WE ARE GOING TO START USING THE DEVCODE RATHER THAN THE ICONCODE. 011Art ( 0-Carrion-0 ( 1arcticfox ( 2806haven ( Abigaille ( Abreg-the-Dragon ( addictedImage ( Adiene ( AfflictedHeart ( AgentNasrin ( Ahorselv ( AK-Mafia ( :
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This person's, :iconpassionheart43:, entire gallery is full of stolen artwork. They refuse to take down the artwork and block and ignore the people who tell her to take it down. One of the original artists even asked her to at least give him credit and she simply ignored him and hid his comment. Here's an example:

Stolen: [link]
Original: [link]

Please I would really appreciate it if you could do something about this person. It's not fair to all the artists who actually put time into their work. Thanks!
:iconhipstalife: has stolen work from :iconliedeke:
stolen: [link]
original: [link]

She has not responded to the request of the artist, maybe we should help out? :)
I'm not sure if you guys do outside DA but this is a big problem. This page on Facebook [link]

Is taking random artwork and not giving credit to the artists at all. A couple of people told this person in a reasonable way that they have to credit the artists. BUT the people of the page (and a few fans) were giving excuses saying that-Its the artists fault, they can defend themselves, its not stealing etc. But people dont know that their artwork is on there, so how can they complain?
And then made a post on their page making themselves seem innocent after giving these excuses. here is a couple of things that they said on Ameilia Cubes post: "Jake Jr the Rainicorn Pup: It's on the internet. It ain't stealing. lol.
"If the artist's truely wanted us to say they were the artists they would ask us to remove or tag them. Even so you dont need to make a deal out of it. If you dont like the fact that we take pictures off the internet then simply unlike the page. The artists of these pictures can stand up for themselves. So yeah, dont make a big deal out of it because its just not necessary, plus we are not saying that we are the artists.
~ Beemo"
Please stop this if you can thanks.
There's nothing we can do about it. Facebook can upload whatever it wants; their rules are different from ours. We can only take action here, not in the outside. (Sadly.)
Both of ~strawberry-kiwi's images were taken from elsewhere. For example, [link] came from [link]
[link] This person CLEARLY stole several pieces of art that were not theirs. I told him/her to take them down but he/she ignored me. Please do something about this.