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Wicked pumpkin

ive never carved a pumpkin before so this is my first it took me ages lol i hope you like it :D

man pumpkins are hard to photograph in the dark trying to get the right angle and stuff

here is a link to another shot of him front the front this time >> [link]
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Oct 25, 2006, 9:47:52 PM
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Did you peel off the skin for the eyebrows and scar?


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you big, fat lier! this is so cool, how can it be your first time! wait if this is ur first are all the rest of ur pumpkins????
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i have only ever done 2 pumpkins :( this one was first and then a couple of days later i did this one [link] and ive not done any since, its been quite a few years now maybe i should do another sometime :D
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whadda ya' mean, "ive never carved a pumpkin before", you big lier!! XP
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honestly that is ther first one i ever did :D i saw a picture of some evil looking pumpkins in the paper or something and i was like hmm i wokder if i could do something like that, so i give it a go and this was the result after about 4 or 5 hours :D
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Really, really nice and creepy :D
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merci beaucoup :)
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(Yay francais :dummy:)
De rien! :D
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sorry i only know a little bit of french from school :( what does "De rien" mean?
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It's like ''You're welcome'' :D
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ahh i'll have to remember that one :) i've always wished i could speak french because i love the language but since i finished school i didnt carry on learning it or anything :( but one of my favourite phrases to say is "avez-vous une pomme de terre" i say it all the time on xbox live whenever i meet french people in games who dont speak english i shout that alot and it normaly gets a laugh from them :D
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Lol it's funny x3
Yeah i'm almost completely french, I've learned english a while ago :D
So I can talk english almost as well as I speak French :D
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i wish i could speak french as good as i speak engrish :D how long did it take you to learn Anglais?
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ur vry vry welcome
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I've used it in xXx

simple halloween banner. :ninja:
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Haha man you're great. This is awesome, really!
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i just realised this is exactly 1 year too late but thanks very much :) sorry im so lazy hehe
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Hahaha don't worry!!
I used that as inspiration for my Halloween party last year: it ruled!
Thanks! =D
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:D glad it could be of inspiration :) did you do a pumpkin too or ?
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if thats ur first then i cant wait until you do more! ^_^
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