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Loki x Darcy - 'What is this Monstrosity?!'

I found a post on Tumblr about shipping characters and there's a list of cute things in there. It got me thinking and I decided to make it as a prompt. The first one was buying a pet (kitten, puppy, turtle, etc) and I immediately thought of them.

Yes, I ship Loki and Darcy.

Here's my previous LokiXDarcy work:

Used pencil and edit with PS.

*rollsaround* my anatomy suuuuuuuuuuucccckkkkssssssss

My other Loki/Darcy works:

- 'Honestly, Darcy!'
- 'What is This Monstrosity!?'
- 'Blanket' (+ fiction in description)
- 'Lazy Darcy'
- 'Midgardian Shopping'
- 'Cursed Ice Cream'
- 'Team Loki'
- 'Loki's Monologue Interrupted'
- 'There, There'
- 'Sing Me To Sleep'
- 'It's Cold Out Here'
- 'Miss the Spot'
- 'This is Halloween'
- 'What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?'
- 'Valentine'
- 'Warrior Darcy'
- 'Cooling Off'
- 'Ponies'
- 'This is Halloween II'

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Then it turns out to just be a flerkin 
AnaxErik4ever's avatar
C'mon Loki.  Because they're little terrors, wrapped in cuteness, how could you not love cats?
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Delicatestrength's avatar
He likes ferocious and sneaky...
Smile4today's avatar
The way they describe the cat reminds me of how I'd describe Loki =)
riotfaerie's avatar
LOL! You're not the only one! I've heard a few people who have said that. XD
EliIvy11's avatar
Hmmmmmm...... Reminds me of you Loki! Ferocious, sneaky and cute!
riotfaerie's avatar
D'aaaw~ Loki as a cat~ XD
EliIvy11's avatar
That is an adorable image. XD
No grief here. I ship them too. Something between "birds of a feather" and "I love you because you resist me" on Loki's part. I can totally see Darcy's sass infuriating and turning him on simultaneously.
riotfaerie's avatar
And that's why I ship them. XD
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Crazy cat lady Darcy?
I love this; Keep them coming! :D
riotfaerie's avatar
Thank you! And I will! :la:
riotfaerie's avatar
riotfaerie's avatar
You're cute. XP
MariaPereira's avatar
This is so adorable *O* I adore it so much ^^
riotfaerie's avatar
Thank you so much! Will keep them coming. :)
gabrielsangel's avatar
ADORABLE!!!! Oh my GOD! Loki would freak at seeing a cat! :D
riotfaerie's avatar
Thank you! <333

In my opinion, I think Loki will grew fond of cats. Freaks him out at first but eventually (and quietly) grew loving them. XD
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