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Loki x Darcy - Warrior Darcy

Finally a LokixDarcy comic!! I know, I know, I took such a long time to make one. I was out of inspiration until I was in this workshop for work and the idea popped up. So here it is!

I hope you enjoy it.

My other Loki/Darcy works:

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- 'Ponies'
- 'This is Halloween II'

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Either he's turned on and needs a cold shower, or he's seriously looking to battle a beast so they can have wild animal sex afterwards.  Loki likes it Darcy, despite his initial shell shock of surprise.
bleachfanfiction's avatar
oh the beast within indeed
yuiogh's avatar
oh god a sex pun hhahaha 
Aylna's avatar
*shaking*BWAHAHAHAHA!! That's awesome, dude!Undertaker emote Undertaker (Sicko) [V2] 
JDLuvaSQEE's avatar
Ahsokasister98's avatar
AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loki is a naughty boy! :D
Vanessalisa's avatar
At the beast is him heyooooooooo
IronBatMaiden91's avatar
I'm squeeing at Loki's blushy expression! :squee:
ICommentOnStuff's avatar
Me Gusta-by-Pappaprime *smirk slowly appears on face*
sweetpeablue's avatar
Poor Clueless Darcy.;) I love it.
TheIdazza's avatar
i love these so much XD
xXTheBlackLadyXx's avatar
n wat beast is that loki? XD
DarkikunYumi's avatar
Loki face, it was adorable!
TheIdazza's avatar
this is the best :D
EvilEspressoDrinks's avatar

Can't stop fangirling over the fifth panel

Loki, can you please stop being adorable, so I can study for my finals

hailmoosifer's avatar
'to battle with the beast within' 
that is the best omg
Cuileth's avatar
Ha, that is so funny XD And although it's a comic, Loki looks so like himself, it's amazing!
NadeshicoVegetariana's avatar
Love this couple so much! thanks!
gabrielsangel's avatar
:rofl: OH GOD!!! I wanna commission/ request you sometime!!!
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