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Loki x Darcy - This is Halloween II

Sorry for the delay of posting a Halloween-related Tasertricks comic!

Have been so busy as of late that I barely got the time to draw. >A< I've gotten so busy that it sort of disrupt my health. I hope you like this one. :)

If you guys are wondering, Darcy is dressing up as Max Black from 2 Broke Girls (Also played by Kat Dennings). Loki is dressing up as his brother, Thor.

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Awww so sweet wanting he did that so people wouldn’t think her a trader or working for him 
Okey-Dokey-Loki's avatar
AWWWW!! This is so sad...
TheNewie789's avatar
Then what is his natural hair color?
riotfaerie's avatar
Tom's natural hair colour is blonde. And curly.
JinxedWolfXD's avatar
I feel bad for Loki but Darcy is right tom is super cute blush icon 
Dodi8's avatar
Owwww poor Loki
mill1171's avatar
CrowFromMidNight's avatar
Oh yeah, and thinking that Tom Hiddleston could be Thor... it's not a joke, it was real :| (Blank Stare) 
EmpressofDiamonds's avatar
That would have been a calamity.
amethyestlover02's avatar
So, I'm guessing Thor dressed up as Loki? Ha-ha :D
So Darcy was flirting with Tom the entire time? Poor Loki. :-(
Jack-frost-fangirl55's avatar
And I find this strangely sad :,3
Vanessalisa's avatar
I like the Tom hiddleston instead of
certibbs's avatar
I love this so much!Clap  Please do more! your drawings are really cool!
loki-of-asgard532's avatar
It took me far too long to figure this out. But I do remember this happening. It was quite awkward.
omg Darcy is in her 'two broke girls' outfit! I am a dummy! brilliant artwork btw :happybounce: Clap 
mormonbookworm's avatar
Poor Loki....He looks hurt.
TheIdazza's avatar
Dreamy-days's avatar
Awww loki ^^ :
-cough- let me love you loki -cough- 
liltreede's avatar
Awwww I love all of these so much! Uh I do have a request for the prompts if you want. Darcy trying to explain Christmas and in particular Santa Clause to Loki
Evilkitten3's avatar
You know, the resemblance IS striking...
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