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Loki x Darcy - 'Sing Me To Sleep'

I needed to draw something without dialog. Just needed to draw a bit of cuddlin', since you know, these two need to get close!

I've never drawn couples on bed so this is somewhat my first try.

Hipster texture is hip. But it fits so much! Please don't judge me.

Paint Tool SAI
Adobe Photoshop CS5

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C'est Magnifique! Tu as un grand don!
Ladydragoncat's avatar
OMG! This would fit in with this story just perfectly! Check this out...…
Astra-Phantom5654's avatar
.... Is it a bad thing I look like Darcy the way you drew her in this...? >.> Like for real I actually look like how she is in this drawing o.O
direwolf11's avatar
They are soo cute together!! I just can't even process! Brilliant work!
direwolf11's avatar
Wow, Loki is like my favorite loner, and yet here he is and it just looks so... Right. You know?
Veaney's avatar
You always draw his gaw line perfect!!
adrilabelle's avatar
me too I wanna be Darcy ! so cute !
Ahsokasister98's avatar
I wanna be darcy...Foxy loves 
ICommentOnStuff's avatar
I love it when a guy smells your hair... it's just so romantic.
TheIdazza's avatar
ooh i love this <333
Faded-Rainbows's avatar
this ship is sailing :iconexcitedblushplz:
Tropelicious's avatar
Love this <3 These kind of pictures remind me why I ship these xD
fanofyaoi's avatar
:tears: They are so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
jazzy-bizzle's avatar
I just literally went, 'AAAAAAAAWWWW!' out loud!!!!! :DD
youmeandlokid's avatar
sweet , very well done
kn004's avatar
omg! This is so cute! I normally don't like Loki x anyone, but I love this so much!
Delicatestrength's avatar
OK... This is my favorite!! BY FAR!! LOVE IT!! :heart: :rose: for you.
fringeperson's avatar
That... is probably one of the sweetest things I've ever seen in my life. And it reminds me of a fanfic I read that I'm going to have to go and re-read now, because they're just such a damn cute couple.
Lindeluren's avatar
It's... so... beautiful! *_*
CarlieHannahRoberts's avatar
book-keeper's avatar
I recently started getting into this fandom, and this is helping tremendously!! Love your art <3
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