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Loki x Darcy - Ponies

I asked for a prompt on Tumblr and one suggest them turning to ponies. So this came in mind. I just hope it's good.

My other Loki/Darcy works:

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- 'Ponies'
- 'This is Halloween II'

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"Must not pony sex."

He's worried about the Sleipner legend, isn't he?
I just realized something! Now Darcy and Loki can go on a double date with Peter Parker and Twilight Sparkle! B-)
luvchazz4ever's avatar
Not like you haven't done it before, Loki
demondethgirl01's avatar
Was thinking the same thing!
Wynnifredd's avatar
oh god, 'must. not. pony sex.'
That's so Darcy.

love it.
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Darcy is so adorable as a pony, I love her so much! >w< :heart:
Dodi8's avatar
One of my favorites. :3
Blazingunicorns's avatar
Darcy is so cute as a pony. 
DarkerInside's avatar
So awesome! Love your TaserTricks works!
enderdiamonddash's avatar
Oh my gosh I love this ship now! Hilarious XD
I can just hear Odin shaking his head. Don't know his problem. Loki is living up to his title. God of Tricksters.
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pony..fucks...ALL AROUND WOOOPWOOPSDiamond Lick 
Clockwork-Falcon's avatar
This is sooooooooo cute XD
Indigo-Night-Wisp's avatar
The joke here, would be that Loki is already quite familiar with "pony sex."


I love all of these comics so much!
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A few years later, Slephnir happened.
mysticsilverwolf's avatar
Oh my gosh yes. But.... Loki gave birth to... you know what, never mind.
Violettathehedgehog's avatar
Eight legged horse I know.
Laugh until it hurts. And then keep laughing.
tigerlily11's avatar
They both thinking same thing at end XD
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Can I just say that this is how Sleipnir was made?
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I never even thought of these two as a pairing but this is an INSTAFAVE DSFADSFADSF
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