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Loki x Darcy - Miss the Spot

'Whoa, hey there!'
'You missed the spot, doofus!'

I miss these two. Don't you miss them!? I've been running dry on ideas for this two but I manage to think of something cute. I promise I'll come up with something funnier.

Paint Tool SAI
Adobe Photoshop CS5

Loki (c) Marvel Comics
Darcy Lewis (c) Marvel Studios

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LydiaGarmadonrules's avatar

Absolutely adorable and is it weird that I read that in Darcy's voice?

Mewwmewgirl's avatar
I would love to be h
JDLuvaSQEE's avatar
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This is so cute and so...Tasertricks! I adore it!!!
intraloup's avatar
i smile every time i see this darn picture it makes my face go like this:Derpy Clapping Icon Neko Emoji-28 (Nyaa) [V2] 
artgyrl's avatar
I love well-drawn kisses. :)
Parbuckles's avatar
They're so dam'n cute together and in a wierd kind of way they even match.^^ Can't belive it :la:
sweet-sam's avatar
Awwww...this is so sweet and love this
Delicatestrength's avatar
AAHHH!!! Too Cute!! I can't take it. :faint: : heart:
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I love this <3
Kaza-kaizen's avatar
u miss a spot too. :)
riotfaerie's avatar
Then pucker up. <333
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Shahrezad1's avatar
Awww, this one is so adorable and yet characteristic of the two of them. ;)
Doktor-Marceline's avatar
Oh man I love this! So adorable!

Ps-Halloween is coming up! The day of Tricks and Treating! Loki would so shine on that day, probably enough to embarrass Darcy.
Ethala1000's avatar
YAY! I saw this on Tumblr and I'm so happy you're doing more!
I love this ship!
Charmzhart's avatar
YOU'RE BAAAAAACK! :glomp: Absolutely in love with this piece!
artgyrl's avatar
Cute. :) I especially likes Darcy's face in the top drawing. :)
Wun23's avatar
asdfghjkl this is just so freaking adorable. *sob*
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