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Loki x Darcy - Midgardian Shopping

EDIT: I realized that I spelled SHIELD incorrectly (SHEILD) but that's already been fixed. So shhhhhhhhhh, don't tell anybody about my mistakes. XD /bricked.


A quick prompt made by ~Charmzhart about shopping. It was in my list for sometime but it was grocery shopping instead of a regular shopping.

Look who's mischievous now?? XD

Traditional pencil and paper
Edit with Adobe Photoshop CS5

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Tamuril2's avatar
I'll bet it belongs to Tony. I'd say Coulson, but even Darcy's too smart to poke that bear. Nah, she'd totally max Tony's card. 
Mewwmewgirl's avatar
It’s probably Tony’s he still has more money than what they spe
AnaxErik4ever's avatar
As long as it's not Nick Fury's, and more than likely Tony Stark's, I'm all for this.  Here Loki, hand me a couple of those bags.  I'll help out.
JinxedWolfXD's avatar
its Tony Starks card isn't it Loki lol smile 
Loki knows her so well! :D
amethyestlover02's avatar
Cute. That is so what Darcy would say and do!! :D So just out of curiosity, who was the unlucky soul who the credit card belonged to??
riotfaerie's avatar
You have the guess between Phil Coulson or Tony Stark. XD
amethyestlover02's avatar
That's just too funny...cuz those were seriously my two guesses XD
LadyStar10's avatar
if it was Tony, he wouldn't care who stole the card, now if it was Coulson, we could see him taking Darcy's ipod for a few days.
gabrielsangel's avatar
Oh Darcy! I love you!!
FierySiren5648's avatar
hahahha this is great! this one and the one named "What is This Monstrosity?!" are my favorites. please don't stop
SweetestEvil's avatar
ahahaha OMG I love how they're such a lovers and frenemies at the same time
riotfaerie, you're a star :)
HardwireXx's avatar
I love Darcy and her scooby-doo vib. Hands down my favorite character in the whole Thor movie.
riotfaerie's avatar
Whoo hoo!!! *hi5!!
Layla256's avatar
I love how she just answers, "Nope."
riotfaerie's avatar
Such a simple answer that gives out a whole new meaning. XD
Layla256's avatar
I just want to know if it's Fury's.
riotfaerie's avatar
It COULD be Fury's... or Coulson's. XD
Layla256's avatar
Not Coulson's! That would just be cruel. You don't know how much that poor grunt is paid.
KiaraRene's avatar
these two are soooo cute together!
riotfaerie's avatar
I ship them! XD
KiaraRene's avatar
I think it is a good pairing :3
simariebird4's avatar
ok, whose credit card is it then? is it tony's? she would so steal tony's credit card if she could.
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