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Loki x Darcy - 'Loki's Monologue Interrupted'

Prompt made by ispanky over Tumblr.

I decided to work on a little bit of semi-realism on this piece because it feels right. But I gotten lazy with the colouring. My apologies (hadn't had enough sleep for days!)

So, what will happen if Darcy Lewis is there to confront Loki in the Avengers instead of Black Widow? I'm almost certain that she'd act this way. XD

Adobe Photoshop CS5
Paint Tool SAI
Mechanical Pencil 0.7

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LokixDarcy folder -…

I decided to fix up the colours because it bugs me. Hope I won't change this one again...
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MarvelManiac14's avatar
Why is Darcy 1) ME AF, 2) A Mood, and 3) A good bit of the fandom summed up?
Tamuril2's avatar
Ahahha, yes. Darcy would totally do this to Loki. Poor guy wouldn't know what hit him...til too late. Muahahahahahahaaa!
Ronan-Gant's avatar
i still haven't figured out what a 'quim' is? and no one will tell me if they know.
JinxedWolfXD's avatar
you really don't want to know even google wouldn't tell me it took me a while to find it
It is another word for c*nt.
His train of thought was derailed.
TimeLordCompanion's avatar
NEW TITLE! How to make Loki speechless!
SkyKly's avatar
Haha I love this <3
That'll shut him up. :D
PhantomGirl's avatar
Reverse Psycology.
AstridSanchez's avatar
Lol, nice job. 
Darcy, Darcy...... XD
gabrielsangel's avatar
Oh Darcy, I love your brain!!!
Aquiliris's avatar
Darcy... babe, you LokiD him. ;)
Lilithmae1231's avatar
Oh, gods; I can't breathe!! :rofl: Definitely something she (and I :XD: ) would do! :rofl:
Delicatestrength's avatar
Ehehehe... Naughty naughty Darcy.
Tigrette-of-Fire's avatar
I always loved how Darcy pretty much expressed the thoughts of the fangirls in Thor. This has just made my day.
TheNelapsi's avatar
xD this is so much win...
xxCheyennaBananaxx's avatar
I wish this happened in avengers this is great. Her reaction is way better then Natasha's ;) :+favlove:
riotfaerie's avatar
It could ruin the movie though but hell, worth it! XD
Shahrezad1's avatar
I don't think that he would quite know how to react. XD Especially given his lack of general popularity with females back home. ^^; However, I APPROVE OF THIS INTERACTION! =D *starts drawing doodles on the la la la...*
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