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Loki x Darcy - 'Lazy Darcy'

The next prompt I found was 'Lazy'. It's not that difficult to think of this one. It's pretty obvious that Darcy would be the one who would get bored easily. Loki, on the other hand, got the usual reading going on.

I have done this to my fiancee a few times. XD

Rusty anatomy is rusty. But I gotta start from somewhere, right?

My other Loki/Darcy works:

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Loki would totally do this to annoy the Avengers... and then act "holier than thou" when it was done to him in return.  This is typical cat behavior:  not giving a damn what you are doing or what might be at stake for you.  They are tired/need a place to laze about/need attention and will get it at any cost.
JinxedWolfXD's avatar
aww I love your drawings there AMAZING Success 
Glanzfell's avatar
bellaxcreepypasta's avatar
he doesn't give a flipping fuck hahaha
it means he likes it I am a dummy! 
bs13thebarbie's avatar
I love the dialogue in this, and your art style is so beautiful! I just love all your Loki/Darcy pictures.
Aubageddon91's avatar
I would have done the same thing, Darcy.
CaptainPeroxide1619's avatar
This. This is cute. I like. Good job.
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Lilithmae1231's avatar
This is just too adorable. :giggle:
And I have totally done that to more than a few friends. :XD:
destiny1oo6511's avatar
I absolutely love your type of drawing its different than usual and draws the eye in

plus i love loki stuff so yeah
Kite-J's avatar
God, I'm loving these Loki x Darcy comics. You have swayed me to ship them.

On this particular one... perhaps a swift spank is in order. Darcy wouldn't be bored anymore :evillaugh:
Delicatestrength's avatar
Heheheh!! i would do that!! And I definitely see Darcy doin that. :lmao:
GhostWolfHybrid's avatar
lol, ive done that to someone XD
CrazyGfan's avatar
Loki, there's a simple solution- close your book and give her a smack on the ass with it. She'll either get off of you and you'll have one less Darcy on your lap, or she'll cry out for more and we'll have more ammo for our ship!

Beautiful picture and idea!
UndercoverHoe's avatar
Is there a good reason he's not spanking her?
CrazyGfan's avatar
Yeah, for a super genius villain, he's not that smart... Do it while you get the chance, Loki!
stuff-I-do's avatar
you're the best LokixDarcy artist ♥
CarlieHannahRoberts's avatar
i just love them as a couple
DirtyDianaAngel's avatar
MadZ4Muzik's avatar
No no, I lied. This one is my favorite.
riotfaerie's avatar
Haha! Can't have both as a fave? XD
MadZ4Muzik's avatar
hahaha all right, they're both my favorite xD
Smile4today's avatar
This. Is. Perfect.

Wonderful, amazing job. The way you drew both of them is just perfect, and you really get a likeness of their characters. Love it!
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