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Loki x Darcy - 'It's Cold Out Here'

Another fluff. >x< I guess I'm just missing someone.

Man, I should really keep up with the prompts given. I've been busy drawing for the fanfiction and such.

I have the hardest time on this one. I wasn't happy with the colouring. Now, I'm not so sure but I'm pretty ok with this. Oh well, 'least it's done. XD

I miss drawing realism somehow. :| Shall do that soon. XP

Paint Tool SAI
Adobe Photoshop CS5

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Oh my God, so cute! >ㅂ<
Foot99's avatar
Doesn't Darcy have glasses?
riotfaerie's avatar
Yes she does. But sometimes she take them off. Like in Thor 2. :)
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for a prompt you should do april fools day
firefly244's avatar
they are sooooo cute
luiza2's avatar
haaaaa!!! adoro este casal :3
CarlieHannahRoberts's avatar
i ship them. holy crap to i ship them
Kaza-kaizen's avatar
nice colouring. so sweet
riotfaerie's avatar
Ayg~ I thought of you when I drew this out! >A<
Kaza-kaizen's avatar
Stray-Night's avatar
You are by far my favorite tasertricks artist. Amazing as always <3
riotfaerie's avatar
You are by far one of my most fave TaserTricks fans around! <3333
Charmzhart's avatar
Nothing wrong with an overdose of fluff ;) Adorable as always!!!
riotfaerie's avatar
Definitely nothing wrong with overdosing fluff. :giggle: Thanks!
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LonelyCitadel's avatar
It's adorable out here.
riotfaerie's avatar
Hahaha! Nice! XP
Wun23's avatar
YAY. The world will not end today! :'D
riotfaerie's avatar
Oh my! Hahahaha! I guess not? XD
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