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Loki x Darcy - 'Honestly, Darcy!'

I'm so lame with anatomy. (you might have noticed this if you look at my gallery. Most of my works are close ups. >.< ) And excuse my childish handwritings. It grew lamer as I grew older. Like the great Daniel Radcliffe once said:

'At least I tried, therefore no one should criticize me.' XD

Anyways, this is from a fan fiction written by *LJ-Todd and I just fell in love with LokiXDarcy. Something about them just made me feel fuzzy inside. XD I sure hope she continues with the fanfiction! :giggle:

I want to draw more of LokixDarcy but I suuuuuuuucccckkkk. *wallow in pity*

My other Loki/Darcy works:

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I miss the story.
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I don’t know I wish they were r
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I don't think she would complain 
Mewwmewgirl's avatar
I would be mad at him for thinking I should knock on my own door to my room
Mewwmewgirl's avatar
It’s my room I shouldn’t have to knock
vampdemon13's avatar
Amen to that!!😄
vampdemon13's avatar
Saw this cool event called marvel live and it was epic!!
Mewwmewgirl's avatar
Cool I would try pushing him out saying ok this is my room not your room my room
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He said that just to mess with her, and I know he would say it to mess with me if I were in the same situation.  And like Miss "Taser first, ask questions later", I would probably slap him... before he insisted, "You know you love me."
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never knocking again.
TeraStormTAS's avatar
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I'm pretty sure Darcy would be more happy if you were naked...... XD
Koszmar-Sen's avatar
I've been writing a Darcy/Loki fic lately and I've been devouring all the art I can for this ship; hands down this is one of my favorites out there. Too cute and way too funny XD
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"What if I'd been naked?"

What if she entered and tried to see you naked and that is the reason of why she didn't knock?
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^ Best comment ever.
^^That's what anyone else would have done
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Why thanks you, I'm trying my best.
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Shirtless Loki...*Nosebleed*
Indigo-Night-Wisp's avatar
Adorable. I ship them, for reasons. :) Excellent.
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Can I switch places with darcy
Lokilicious305's avatar
Meh need!..*Gropes picture*
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