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Loki x Darcy - Cooling Off

Inspired by the moment I got sick and felt extremely warm. I wished I have my own Jotun!Loki to cool me off. XD

My other Loki/Darcy works:

- 'Honestly, Darcy!'
- 'What is This Monstrosity!?'
- 'Blanket' (+ fiction in description)
- 'Lazy Darcy'
- 'Midgardian Shopping'
- 'Cursed Ice Cream'
- 'Team Loki'
- 'Loki's Monologue Interrupted'
- 'There, There'
- 'Sing Me To Sleep'
- 'It's Cold Out Here'
- 'Miss the Spot'
- 'This is Halloween'
- 'What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?'
- 'Valentine'
- 'Warrior Darcy'
- 'Cooling Off'
- 'Ponies'
- 'This is Halloween II'

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Of course he can cool you off, being a FROST GIANT! I love you work. The song, I think that was yours, is the cutest thing I've ever heard and made my week.

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That's why you have a frost giant in your house.:)
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They are so cuuuuute! 😍
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The first time I saw this was before I watched Thor or in any way knew Loki was a frost Giant, and was more confused than Cap and a cell phone
But later I see this and realized what was going on
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Is it just me, or does Loki look...handsome, as a human? 0w0
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This is so cute! (I ship LokiXDarcy)
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Can I use this? I will give you full credit
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Mind if I know what you will use it for? 
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I want my own Loki^^
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Oh my gashhhhhhxxxxx...
He can be a ref too!!
Now Loki's the one who needs to cool off now. :D
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Aww! Thats adorable!!!
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:happybounce:  Luv this and I added this to my favorties!!!!!!
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*LDShadowLady's happy voice* this is so ADORABLE!!!
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the feels!!!!!!
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