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Loki x Darcy - 'Blanket'

The 2nd prompt that I found today is couple wrapped in their blanket. I thought about Hana Kimi (I love that show!) and decided to apply them on Loki and Darcy.

It took a while for me to figure out the image. I tried making comic panels but my non-referenced drawings aren't as great. So I figured of drawing them out and make a short fan fic of it. XD

Prepare for some lame-o writing~


'Scar got his throne and yet he is a awful king! I hope I won't be like that.' he thought as the credits rolls up on the screen with epic African songs playing. 'This brightly-coloured-talking-lion-play is enjoyable.'

"So, is that it?" he sighed, "It's over?" then realizing that Darcy, who had been leaning on his shoulder under their large blanket wrapped around them, have been quiet. Too quiet than usual. "Darcy?" he turned to look at her and saw her eyes closed. She was breathing slow, steady breaths, and her hair covering half of her face. Loki couldn't see her clearly but he knew she's sound asleep.

Loki smirked and he knew he couldn't move. "Darcy...?" he whispered, trying in every way of waking her gently but at the same time he wouldn't want to. Loki's lips stretched in a smile and decided to sit there until the credit's over.

'Can you feel the love tonight?'

He heard the man singing in the credits. 'Love?' he thought and looked at Darcy again. She was mumbling in her sleep this time.

'Tasers.' she mumbled.

Loki couldn't help but giggled and noticed her hair tickling her cute nose. He gently moved her hair off her face and finally get to see Darcy's peaceful and elegant state. Her dark lashes sat on her closed lids, her eyebrows not furrowing like they usually do when she talk. And those thick red lips of hers, Loki have never seen such amazing yet tempting lips. He wanted to touch her, feel every structure of her face, and memorize the feeling of touching her plump lips.

'Can you feel the love tonight?'

Again, that man singing the same chorus. 'Love?' he thought repetitively. His eyes looked at Darcy, capturing every details of her features and ended up looking at her lips. Somehow, he didn't realize he had already swallowed nervously and was leaning on closer to Darcy's face. His heart pounded like never before. More terrifying than fighting off the Frost Giants in Jotunheim. No. This one's much worse. He could feel his heart beating against his chest, the pounding travelling to his throat as he leaned closer and closer to Darcy's lips. Loki started to feel a little dizzy.

'Love.' he whispered, his thin lips not far from hers.

Suddenly, she moved and Loki immediately backed away. "Mmmm...?" she looked at Loki, she fluttered her lids and then closed one of her eyes as she stretched her arms out like a cat. Then rubbing her eye with one hand, "movie's over?" she asked, her voice cracking. As she stretched the big blanket flopped on the couch they've been sitting on throughout the movie.

"Y-yes." Loki answered. Looking away from Darcy.

"The movie's awesome, right?" she smiled at him. Her plump lips stretching on her face.

"Yes. I enjoyed watching them." Loki replied, trying not to see her tempting lips, or sounding like he did something wrong. Darcy grabbed the remote control from the sofa and switched off the TV.

"Well! It's late, so I'll just hit the hay for now." Darcy took a step back and smiled at Loki.

"Yes, of course." Loki replied, giving her a faint smile. "Good night, Darcy." he said as he looked at his hands and fingers. Avoiding eye contact.

"Night, Loki."
With a sudden surprise, Darcy had moved forward and gave Loki a kiss on his cheek. "See ya in the morning." she smiled and walked out the room as if nothing happened.
Loki, having that same feeling of heart pounding in his chest and throat, sat there in shock. The feeling of her lips still etched on his cheek. It was warm and soft and beautiful. He had never felt anything like this.

'Oh yes, I feel the love tonight.' he chuckled.


Oh! You're still reading? I'm surprised you survived! XD

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That is extremely adorable!
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OK, That Fic is extremely adorable, I didn't survive once, I survived three times! 
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Adorable! ^^ (>ㅂ<)
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Nuu AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhNuu !!! I love this so so so so muchLove 
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oh my gosh, LOVE this pairing!!! the mini fan fic you wrote for this is stinking adorable!!!!!
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okay now seriously *puts on a serious face* this is great your coloring is very good and the line art is per-fect
I was wondering if you could do them at the beach, if not I still love your work
to die for.Loki'd La 
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I love this really :) Keep up the amazing work! :)


If you want to check out my gallery, you sure can! :) My main character which is a girl named Jamie and part of the law force, does some side slap sarcastic remarks about 'Loki' even if he never physically brought into the story :) I think though over time he would grow on her even f she would hate it at first. Lol :) xo
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This is so cute and well drawn <3 You're making me like this pairing
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ok please your writing is amazing and sums up the feelings i have perfectly 
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survived? I read it TWICE!
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You should do more Loki/Darcy storys! I love this!
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the picture is sweet and the story makes it adorable.
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I love finding one of my fav shippings with both a wonderful drawing and a cute story! I LOVE IT! <3
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... I did'nt even ship these two until now! amazing drawing and the story... well, since I'm usually a nonshipper and after that story, I totally ship Loki/Darcy. Like, TOTALLY.
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that lame-o writing made me cry.
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Aw, it's so adorable... I encourage you to do more! <3
I thought I was the only one who liked this pairing xD

This is adorable
riotfaerie's avatar
Apparently, we're not alone! XD *hi5!*
yeeees! *high fives*
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This one is really pretty. :) Darcy's face looks great and Loki's he's allowed himself a moment without analysis and scheming. Very nice.

I'm more of a Loki-Sigyn shipper myself, but there's something intriguing about Loki and Darcy!
riotfaerie's avatar
I am sure I will love Loki/Sigyn too! I'm pretty sure if I found a great fan-fic somewhere, I will fall head over heels with them.

As of now, Loki/Darcy all the way! XD Thank you! <3
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the drawing itself are so cute!
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