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Loki X Darcy - 'There, There'

Miss me?? XD I know I've been taking way to long for another prompt. I was so busy preparing some stuff. And then I had massive headaches for two straight days.

Anyways, I forgot who asked to make this prompt! I should search for it and will update it once I know who. >A<

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Adobe Photoshop CS5

My other Loki/Darcy works:

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I give Loki an A+ for effort and because he's Loki

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Yep, the iPod, people. First world problems. 
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"And i j-just finished d-d-downloading over a thous-sand so-o-ongs!!! WAAHH!!!" - *SOBS
redbirds003's avatar
OMG! That is classic. :giggle:  
It don't matter if you're from Jotun, Midgard or Asgard: men are clueless when it comes to comforting women.
Hellopeoplez50's avatar
Roundishline1's avatar
hah, MEN,...... NEEEEVER know what to do in these sitchiations,
catlover234's avatar
HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I am laughing so hard!!

I am the same as her, my ipod is basically my life, I have it with me always!
SeriousSirius's avatar
oh, Darcy and her precious iPod, always leaving it here and there... :heart:
Kaza-kaizen's avatar
cian. just ask loki to get a new one :)
riotfaerie's avatar
If he knows how to use Midgardian money. XD
Kaza-kaizen's avatar
he dont need want one. he just take it o put a spell o treated thm
Shahrezad1's avatar
YAY! I have, in fact, missed you! Oodles and oodles and oodles! =D Sorry about the headache (two straight days?! D: ), but I'm very much glad that you're back. <3

And this is freaking adorable. Because we all know that the reason Darcy is having a hard time is because of her iPod. And possibly hormones. *shrugs and smiles* Then again, it would be darn hilarious to have Loki deal with her mood swings in full. XD
riotfaerie's avatar
D'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww~~!!! I'm glad someone misses me (or my work?). XD The headache's gone now and I'm feeling much better. ^w^

I sometimes wonder how will Loki handle Darcy's hormones. He must have had great tolerance.
Shahrezad1's avatar
A little bit of both, actually. *laughs* And I'm glad that you're feeling better. ^^

Tolerance is definitely the word for it. ^^; And then I remember that he lived with Thor and Sif for the last few hundred years and I think, "meh, if anyone can handle it, he can." *laughs*
Pericynthi-Beth17's avatar
I imagine his first attempt at comforting a mortal would be like Sheldon's attempt to comfort an injured Penny on TBBT . . . and just as creepy. "There, there. Everything's going to be okay. Loki's here. (creepy fake smile)"
riotfaerie's avatar
Oh man, that would be awwwwwwkwwwwaaaarrrddddd. LOL!
TheThunderART's avatar
dont worry darcy loki is there ;3
riotfaerie's avatar
Ain't she lucky?
TheThunderART's avatar
very. I wish I was her right now. ;u;
Voudon's avatar
Ahh, I love dramatic Darcy!! (and your artwork! I know I've told you that like a thousand times but I'm gonna keep saying it lol)
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