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Rioneku's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Just a bored, untalented pigeon, that would like to improve ヽ( ´∇`)ノ

Feel free to send me a note about whatever* you wanna talk about (ㅎωㅎ*) (I speak a bit of french as well, in case someone feels more confident with that language)

*By whatever I literally mean e v e r y t h i ng. May it be a single greeting / saying you're bored or a whole rant about how exhausting school/college/work was today, I'd be really glad to get to know all of the people reading through this ovo/

What you can ask for:
Requests: Sure! May take a while though, depending on school and stuff qvq Just send a note about what you want me to draw, I'll do anything (as far as I'm able to ...)
Commissions: My art is free... I don't even have a paypal account.. and I'm not planning on getting one either ewe
Art trade: Yaaaas


Tagged by :iconsenii-chan: 
(Thanks again ovo)

1)     You must post these rules.
2)     Answer the 8 questions the person tagged you made and make up your own 8 questions for the people you tag to answer.
3)     Choose 8 people and put their icons on this journal.
4)     Go to their pages and inform them that they have been tagged if you want.
5)     You have to legitimately tag 8 people.
6)     No tag-backs
7)     Can't say "No Tags"
8)     Everyone that has been TAGGED must make a journal entry
9)     No answering questions with spam or nonsense
10)   Be at least a BIT mature about things...
11) -Edit by Lolicake27- Pls say "Tagged by [Username of person who tagged you]" somewhere in the journal so that I get mentioned and I can see your journal <3

   1) Who is your inspiration?
    - Hm... I think I get inspiration from a lot of people, may it be my friends/family or even from people I've just met. Though I can't really think of 
    one explicit person, that inspired me to do anything... or at least no one popular.
   2) Dream holidays include...?
    - A big cozy bed and mountains 
   3) Favourite snack?
    - Oh uuuuhm... That depends on the current season. At Easter I love to eat something called 'Löffeleier' (which are eggs made of chocolate and inside they have
    a fluffy vanilla cream filling). Despite that I really like dried fruits ovo/ (Though right now my one and only love is radish, but I guess that's not what you would       call a snack..)
   4) Rock or R&B?
    - R&B! I can't stand all that screaming that comes along with Rock q-q
   5) Would you rather have a tiny bunny or a tiny guinea pig?
    - Bunny Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 
Where's the last place you've been?
    - I assume this is holiday-related right? I don't how it's actually translated but i think it's 'German Sea / North Sea'? I've never spent holidays in another country         qnq
   7) Future Plans?
    - Oh well, there are many... I want to study political science, but I feel like I might change my mind anytime so... At least I wanna travel to Japan once in my life!
   8) Celeb Crush?
    - I couldn't care less about celebrities, ehem... really no idea Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 

My Questions!!
(Ouh man, I'm pretty uncreative qvq)
1) Imagine being able to speak a language fluently (despite your mother tongue), which one would you like? (Or in general: Which language do you consider beautiful?) 
2) What was your most embarassing moment this year (so far)?
3) First song coming to your mind?
4) Would you rather want to live in a big city or a small village?
5) Do you prefer to have many good friends or few best friends?
6) What are you more scared of: someone creepy running after you or appearing right in front of you?  
7) Do you believe in supernatural things?
8) Do you sleep with your window opened or closed?

p.s.: I'm sorry if anyone of the following people has done this already or doesn't want to do it or whatever Kao Emoji-30 (Crying) [V2] 
:icononion-hime:  :iconyuzukiyuukari: :iconveteli: :iconchifuyu-san: :iconecchontrigger: :iconwhitekuroe: :iconwreather:

ehm... actually there are a lot more (really awesome) people I'd like to tag, but most of them have already done similar things, so I'm afraid of annoying them qvq [If anybody feels like answering those questions anyways, please do it! I'd be really glad to get to know all of you ;w;]


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